6 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps for Android and iPhone 2023

The Best WhatsApp Spy Apps Review

​If you are looking to spy on Whatsapp, the best way is to use a professional and safe spy app. We have took the effort to test more than 15 different ​spywares and have ​listed the best (and more importantly, legit) companies for Whatsapp ​spy apps below.

Don’t waste money on scams and fake apps that simply don’t work.

Whatsapp Spy: How to Spy on Whatsapp Calls and Messages

There are many ways to spy on Whatsapp remotely but the best option so far is to use a Whatsapp spy software which will essentially track and record every single detail. Below, I will be sharing with you the best Whatsapp spy app that have worked consistently each and every time when I am spying over Whatsapp conversations.

30 Seconds Summary: My Top Recommendation To Spy On Whatsapp Messages

mSpy – I have personally tested most, if not all, of the apps for their effectiveness on spying Whatsapp messages. I can tell you from experience that mSpy is probably the best Whatsapp spy app if you are looking for the most comprehensive option at an affordable price. Not to mention that most so-called spy app softwares are scams – they either don’t work as advertised or simply don’t reply to any of your messages.

mSpy is very different though. Their customer support is top notch and they will try their very best to make the app work for you. With over 2000+ positive reviews, you can’t go wrong.

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AppFeaturesEditor’s CommentRatingGet The Best Deal
mspy1. Best value for money
2. Powerful tracking features
3. 2000+ positive reviews
mSpy is probably the best Whatsapp spying app you could ever get your hands on. It’s the most comprehensive option with multiple tiers available depending on your needs.10/10Check Current Price
uMobix1. Great customer support
2. Top notch user interface
3. 1000+ positive reviews
An alternative to mSpy. If for whatever reason you couldn’t make mSpy work or you want to try a different app, then uMobix is great.9.5/10Check Current Price
spyic1. Could be buggy
2. Packed with premium features
3. 500+ positive reviews
New comer to the spy app industry. The app seems to have various features but could be buggy at times.7.5/10Check Current Price
Flexispy1. Active since 2006
2. Great on both Android & iOS
3. 500+ positive reviews
Flexispy is one of the very first spy apps in the market. Functions are still great but user interface can be a little outdated.7.0/10Check Current Price

Top 6 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps for Android and iPhone

Here’s 6 best Whatsapp spy apps for Android and iPhone:

1. mSpy

mspy feature image

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mSpy is one of our personal favorites, value for money spy apps available on the market. We rank it not only as the best spy app for WhatsApp, but as an all-round fantastic, easy to use spy app, period.

Considered one of the veterans on the market, they have started developing their software since 2011 and have been producing upgrade upon upgrade ever since.

One of the spying features they are best known for being their top notch parental control features as a monitoring software and spying app for the purpose of monitoring their kids activities, and this includes spying on WhatsApp.

Full details of the WhatsApp messages and conversations from the target device will be made available on this app, including the contact details, date and time the messages were sent and received, as well as all multimedia files exchanged.

Other notable best features of this spy app for WhatsApp are the geofencing and fantastic in-built keylogger that provides real time notifications from the target phone on an easy-to-understand app dashboard or interface.


The mSpy spy app for WhatsApp is a licensed software, compatible with Android phones, tablet, iPhone and iPad. Jailbreak and root for Android are not required, while there are separate jailbreak and non-jailbreaking versions for the iPhone monitoring app.

Installation and account creation is quick and simple to use.

Pricing and Subscription

mSpy has an offer of three packages for their spy tools, though prices do slightly differ depending on which version and what uses you need.

Basic Bundle – starting at just $29.99 per month!

Premium Bundle – $69.9 per month

The Basic Bundle has the option of a one-month license only, while the Premium Bundle and No-Jailbreak Bundle have 1-month, 3-months and 1-year licenses.

Those who are interested can make use of the 7-day free trial that this spy app for WhatsApp offers.

It is one of the best app free WhatsApp spy applications that has everything you would require of a spy tool or monitoring software, and our experience with this spy app customer support was fantastic.

The customer support team has great product knowledge, clear explanations on what products, packages or tools they have to offer. They’ll help you choose the right and best solution according to your need and uses, along with instructions on how to use the spy app.

Needless to say, we highly recommend it!

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2. Spyzie

Spyzie Feature Image


Spyzie is also a popular spy app for WhatsApp. It is available on Android phones and tablets as well as iPhone. Specific to WhatsApp spying, you will be able to track all activities occurring within WhatsApp itself.

This includes being able to spy on WhatsApp messages, including those in group chats, spy on photos, videos and audios on the target phone or target device, a GPS location tracker, and you will be able to view the WhatsApp call log.

Other than spying on WhatsApp spy apps, the other features of a good spy app such as web browser browsing history tracking, location tracking, spying on camera, SMS spying functions, photo and screen recording, and tracking of social media including Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram are also available on this app.


You do not need to jailbreak your iPhone to use the Spyzie app, and you also do not need to root the Android phone or any other Android and iOS device. WhatsApp spying and all spying uses on these spy apps can be done remotely and hidden from the target device.

Installation and account creation is quick and simple to use.

It is useful to note that for Android devices, the best thing is that Spyzie supports WhatsApp spy chat as well as WhatsApp multimedia monitoring, whereas for iPhone, it supports only spy WhatsApp chat monitoring.

So if you are someone who uses an iPhone and you need WhatsApp multimedia and call spying functions, this would not be the best for you at this point. We suggest considering another app instead.

A further note for iOS users is that the latest versions of iOS are yet to be supported by this spying app, however, those who use Android phones have no issue with compatibility.

Pricing and Subscription

You will have to pay to obtain access to use WhatsApp chats and message spying on Spyzie.

Timeline and data exports are only available on the Ultimate Version, which costs $69.9 per month.

The Spyzie apps for Android WhatsApp and iOS WhatsApp users are available in two editions – Ultimate and Pro. The Pro Version costs $59.99 per month.

Android users may choose between 1 month, 3 months and 1-year licenses.

The iPhone Edition costs $39.99 per month and there is only a 1-month selection for the license.

3. Spyic


Spyic is also a crowd favorite among those who are familiar with WhatsApp spy apps. The company has a reputation for being a fantastic phone monitoring and WhatsApp spying solution.

Since its launch, this app has gained major popularity and has made appearances on established platforms. Till date, Spyic has gained a following that reaches nearly 200 countries.

On the WhatsApp front, Spyic provides real time and very quick updates on an easy-to-use interface with a straightforward dashboard to boot.

Any text messages, WhatsApp chats, calls and files received by WhatsApp on the target device will appear as alerts on the app user dashboard, along with its date and time punched in, all the while being hidden from the target user.

This spy tracker software also features cell phone call logs; all SMS, phone messages and messaging applications; Facebook spying; Instagram spying; password tracking; as well as web browser information and activity.

Additionally, the website searches across Google Chrome, Firefox and other internet providers are synced and accurately updated. The date and time that the searches and actions were performed will also be logged so that the user can track it when they look back.

This is a feature that first caught the interest of parents who wanted a monitoring app with spy feature, surveillance software or spying app to monitor activities and know what their teens were watching online.

Other than the features mentioned above, Spyic is a licensed software that enables users to view call history, have GPS location tracking, track web browsers activities, review installed applications on the target device, as well as log keystrokes on Microsoft Office, note-taking apps, email and even the calculator!

It basically has everything you need to spy on or track someone. Talk about advanced spying.


Spyic is compatible with all iPhones and iPads, as well as phones and tablets which run on Android 4 and above. No jailbreak or root is required.

Do note that to install Spyic on the target phone, an initial 5 minutes of physical access and Wi Fi is required. Otherwise, installation and account setup for this WhatsApp spy apps is simple to use.

Following the setup, physical access to the target phone will no longer be necessary. The app runs on discrete or stealth mode, and all subsequent tracking data and WhatsApp spy spying data may be done remotely.

Pricing and Subscriptions

For those who use Android phone,

Spyic offers a few plans for use: the Basic(1 device), the Premium (1 device) and the Family (up to 3 devices) –

Basic: $39.9 per month for 1 month, $59.99 per month for 3 months, $99.99 per month for 1 year.

Premium: $49.99 per month for 1 month, $69.99 per month for 3 months,  $119.99 per month for 1 year.

Family: $69.99 per month for 1 month, $99.99 per month for 3 months, $199.99 per month for 1 year

For the iOS device user,

Spyic offers a few plans for use: the Family Plan (up to 5 devices), the Premium Plan (1 device) and the Business Plan (up to 25 devices) –

Family: $99.99 per month for 1 month, $199.99 per month for 3 months, $399.99 per month for 1 year.

Premium: $49.99 per month for 1 month, $79.99 per month for 3 months,  $129.99 per month for 1 year.

Business: $399.99 per month for 1 month, $699.99 per month for 3 months, $999.99 per month for 1 year

In our opinion, Spyic offers incredible value for money. A bonus feature that we love is the excellent customer support to help choose the right package for your spying needs.

Those looking for the best WhatsApp spy app for WhatsApp should definitely look into Spyic and consider purchasing this WhatsApp spy app.



XNSPY provides easy access to both Android and iPhone user for basic WhatsApp spying purposes.

With no need to root or jailbreak the phone, XNSPY makes WhatsApp spying easy in terms of spying on WhatsApp chats and text messages sent and received.

However, rooting on Android phones is necessary if you would like to also view WhatsApp call logs. Presently, WhatsApp call logs are still unavailable on iOS phones.

Of course, in addition to WhatsApp spying, it also comes with features such as geo-fencing, keylogging, viewing text messages or imessages – including messages deleted by the target device, spying on emails, location tracking, viewing website and web browser history, and more.

All in all, XNSPY is a simple to use WhatsApp spying app, and as a bonus, they have great 24-hour customer support.


XNSPY is compatible with all Android as well as iOS devices, differing only slightly in the features available and the rooting required for WhatsApp call log spying.

For the iPhone user, one thing to note is that jailbreaking requirements also differ according to version.

Pricing and Subscriptions

The price starts at $49.99 per month, which is for use of the Basic Edition.

The Premium Edition costs $59.99 per month.

Licenses available are 1-month, 3-months and 1-year.

5. Hoverwatch


Hoverwatch is a popular licensed software with WhatsApp spy feature that offers a free version for 3 days.

Within these 3 days, you will be able to spy on up to five Android, Mac and Windows units.

The trial version gives you a good chance to explore the Hoverwatch spy app by monitoring all activity and conversations on the target device, so that you will be able to experience the top features of this application before deciding whether or not to invest in this WhatsApp spy app.

Our verdict is that we still prefer the interface of mSpy and Spyic considering the price points, but Hoverwatch performs very satisfactory for an easy to use WhatsApp spy app.

This spy app is sufficient if parents merely require an application which has a spy software solution with simple monitoring functions, such as:

Track message chats and conversations, monitor WhatsApp, monitor GPS locations via GPS tracker, view call logs, spy on Facebook messages, track SMS, track Instagram, web browser spying, monitor and control application download, monitor website browsing information, monitor and control phone usage, read emails, and more.

They should find their experience with Hoverwatch to meet the basic requirement of an app for spying.

However, someone who is looking for a spy app that can monitor everything that the best spy app is expected to do, at a reasonable price, we recommend mSpy and Spyic as our top choices.


Hoverwatch is available for all Android equipment, and recently made available for Windows and Mac as well.

Installation is as simple as using your email and password for an account, and does not require jailbreaking or root. User interface is also friendly and simple.

You will require physical access to the target phone upon installation, after which the WhatsApp spy app remains completely hidden and unknown to the target phone user.

Pricing and Subscriptions

Hoverwatch offers three plans: Personal (1 device), Professional (up to 5 units) and Business (up to 25 units). The Business option would usually be used by companies to monitor their employees.

All three offer the option of 1-month, 3-months and 1-year for use of all spy features.

Personal – $24.95 per month for 1 month, $59.95 per month for 3 months, $99.95 per month for 1 year

Professional – $49.95 per month for 1 month (which works up to about $9.99 per device per month), $99.95 per month for 3 months, $199.95 per month for 1 year

Business – $149.95 per month for 1 month (which works up to about $6.00 per device per month), $299.95 per month for 3 months, $499.95 per month for 1 year

Employers often engage and use the Business packages to spy and monitor employees at work as a solution for business needs.

6. Cocospy


Cocospy is one of the popular spying apps with a user following across all continents. People tend to praise the app most for the parental control spy tool features that it has.

An interesting fact is that most people started out using it to find out whether or not their teens were being bullied, and whether or not their child was bullying others.

Specific to WhatsApp, Cocospy is also able to track all the basics such as text messages and WhatsApp chats sent and received, voice recordings, voice calls, video calls, as well as documents pictures and videos sent and received.

The keylogger feature in this app is also advanced, making it possible to spy on not only WhatsApp but other apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, Google searches, website and web browser history, as well as regular phone content including contact details and pictures taken on the target device.

It comes in stealth mode and the data record will appear on the user dashboard remotely, remaining hidden and undetectable on the target phone. It will include the date and time when the keystroke was performed.


Cocospy is compatible with all Android and iOS devices. No root or jailbreaking required!

Installation and account creation is also straightforward, and it features a user interface that is simple to use on the phone.

Pricing and Subscriptions 

For those who use Android device,

Cocospy offers three choices: the Basic (1 device), the Premium (1 device) and the Family (up to 3 devices) –

Basic: $39.99 per month for 1 month, $59.99 per month for 3 months, $99.99 per month for 1 year.

Premium: $49.99 per month for 1 month, $69.9 per month for 3 months,  $119.99 per month for 1 year.

Family: $69.99 per month for 1 month, $99.99 per month for 3 months, $199.99 per month for 1 year

For those who use iOS device,

Cocospy offers three choices: the Family (up to 5 devices), the Premium (1 device) and the Business (up to 25 devices) –

Family: $99.99 per month for 1 month, $199.99 per month for 3 months, $399.99 per month for 1 year.

Premium: $49.99 per month for 1 month, $79.99 per month for 3 months,  $129.99 per month for 1 year.

Business: $399.99 per month for 1 month, $699.99 per month for 3 months, $999.99 per month for 1 year.

Conclusion – Best app to spy on Whatsapp conversation

In a nutshell, we recommend mSpy and umobix as the best whatsapp spy apps for both Android and iPhone. So far, their performance have been solid when it comes to spying on whatsapp. The records are accurate and complete.

They are other cheaper options out there as well but they are just not as good and reliable. It depends on what level of details you actually need from the Whatsapp user you plan to spy on.

How to spy on Whatsapp messages without accessing the target device

Almost everyone these days has WhatsApp downloaded on their smartphone. It is one of the most popular communication social apps available on both Android and iOS devices, used by not just thousands, but millions worldwide.

Naturally, having such a great following amongst both Android device users as well as iOS device users comes at a price. The many benefits come with a downside and problem or two. Among the common concerns – not just on WhatsApp but across the apps available on the internet, are privacy issues, malware, viruses, online sexual predators on the rise, cyber bullying, hacking and the likes.

As the world advances in technology, so do children. Smartphones are no longer just for parents; it is not at all uncommon for kids these days to have their own smartphone or tablet. 

Because of this phenomenon, children and teens now have access to practically anything on the net. They have access to online videos, any website or web browser, social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Line, Skype, Viber, Tinder, and basically whatever information they want.

WhatsApp is commonly used by kids today as a convenient tool for receiving and sending text messages and WhatsApp chats, as well as voice messages for free. They can send as many audio files, photos and videos as they like, and can even talk on the phone for however long they like without charges, as long as they have access to internet connection or Wi Fi – which everybody has these days.

With the common problems and potential dangers of social networks and social media platforms including WhatsApp, many parents are looking for monitoring tools to keep their children safe.

We recommend the use of the right quality monitoring software through the use of a monitoring app or spy app, to help parents ensure their child is safe on the web. 

The following spy apps for WhatsApp are the best spy WhatsApp spy apps that we recommend to control and monitor WhatsApp conversations.

We have listed WhatsApp spy apps which are suitable for Android devices as well as iOS devices, and can also be used to monitor activity on other apps as well. 

We will share with you what to look for in a spy app for WhatsApp, followed by the monitoring features and spy features that these best apps have.

Important Features – What to Look for? 

WhatsApp is a messenger app that is available on both Android android and iOS devices. On the free app WhatsApp, people are able to send text messages; make phone calls or voice calls; send photos and images, videos and documents, join WhatsApp Messenger rooms, have WhatsApp chat groups, share contact information by sending phone numbers from their contact list, and even send GPS location via GPS tracker.

With that, your spy tool or spy app for WhatsApp must be able to provide tracking and monitoring features for all the features of the free apps WhatsApp itself.

Features that we think the best WhatsApp spy apps should include:

  • Monitor WhatsApp messages and WhatsApp conversations 
  • View mobile phone call history and WhatsApp call logs
  • Spy on web browsing history
  • Location tracking or GPS tracking through WhatsApp spy on WhatsApp
  • Spying on documents sent and received on WhatsApp
  • Track screen recording, call recording 
  • Spying and monitoring WhatsApp photos 
  • Monitor picture, audio and video files shared through the app 
  • Monitoring WhatsApp contact details shared through the app

The WhatsApp spy apps below have much more to offer than merely to spy on WhatsApp, but these are a few features we think are mandatory in the best WhatsApp spy apps.

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