PHP 4 – Requiescat in Pace

Since last night PHP 4 is finally dead…

Is it?

Well not really, because there are still millions of servers running PHP 4 that haven’t upgraded to the faster, more stable and more secure PHP 5 and most of them will continue to use it. So PHP 4 will still be around a while.

However last night PHP 4.4.9 was released which is the final security update by the PHP development team. This means from now on not only normal support (which was dropped at the end of 2007) but also security support for PHP 4 has ended. It is therefore recommended to finally upgrade.

Because I know that upgrading is sometimes not that easy Suhosin will continue to support PHP 4 for a while. This means the current Suhosin-Patch 0.9.6 will be ported to PHP 4.4.9 and also the next release of Suhosin-Patch will still support recent PHP 4 versions. However at the end of 2008 I will also discontinue Suhosin-Patch for PHP 4 and new features to the Suhosin-Extension will only be implemented for PHP 5.