6 Best Hidden and No-Root Keyloggers For Android in 2023

Choosing the right Android keylogger can be overwhelming and dangerous – considering that there are a lot of scams and fake apps out there that will simply take your money. I have personally spent over $1k+ just to try out various apps and only a handful of them turns out to be working as promised.

Yet, among these keylogger apps, each consists of different spying and tracking capabilities that achieve much more than just logging keystrokes. Anyways, I will be sharing with you my experience and my top keylogger for Android recommendations so you don’t make the mistakes I did.

But first:

Can I put a keylogger on an Android phone?

Yes, you can install keyloggers on Android cell phones and I will be sharing with you the spy app that have been giving me consistent and accurate results when it comes to detecting keystrokes. Best of all, this keylogger is completely hidden and undetectable allowing me to monitor all the activities remotely and secretly.

30 Seconds Summary: Best Keylogger for Android

mSpy – I have personally tested most, if not all, of the Android keyloggers available out there. I can tell you from experience that mSpy is probably the best keylogger if you are looking for the most accurate and easy-to-use keylogger at an affordable price. Not to mention that most so-called keylogger software are scams – they either don’t work as advertised or simply don’t reply to any of your messages.

mSpy is different though. Their customer support is top notch and they will try their very best to make the app work for you. With over 2000+ positive reviews, you can’t go wrong.

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AppFeaturesEditor’s CommentRatingGet The Best Deal
mspy1. Best value for money
2. Powerful tracking features
3. 2000+ positive reviews
mSpy is probably the best Android keylogger app you could ever get your hands on. It’s the most comprehensive option with multiple tiers available depending on your needs.10/10Check Current Price
umobix1. Best undetectable keylogger
2. Packed with premium features
3. 1000+ positive reviews
Slightly more expensive compared to mSpy and other apps. That said, it has the most premium design and functionality. Great for users who prefer stability and ease of use.9.5/10Check Current Price
spyic1. Best Android keylogger
2. Not bad overall
3. 700+ positive reviews
If there’s any reason you couldn’t install the apps above, you could give spyIC a try.8.5/10Check Current Price
Flexispy1. Active since 2006
2. Great functionalities
3. 500+ positive reviews
Flexispy is one of the very first spy apps in the market. It’s not as robust as mSpy but it’s still a good option7.0/10Check Current Price
1. Great reputation
2. Full suite of tools
3. 500+ positive reviews
Famisafe is part of Wondershare’s suite of monitoring tools. The company is highly reputable and it’s a good option if you are looking for a complete suite of tools all managed under one system.7.0/10Check Current Price

The Best Android Keylogger Apps in 2023- Hidden and No-Root

After a series of selection process, here’s our list of the best Android keylogger apps.

1. mSpy – Best Overall Keylogger for Android

mspy feature image

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mSpy is among the veterans on the market. This company started developing their software in 2011 and they have been consistent in producing upgrades ever since.

They have successfully produced an A-class parental control app to monitor child activities on smartphones/tablets/mobile devices, and have a loyal following of over a million users across the globe.

Producing quality products and maintaining their good reputation, it’s no question why it remains a trustworthy market leader in the world of keylogger logger for Android.

The app has versions to monitor almost any internet-enabled device, so of course the Android phone comes top on the list to receive the latest updates, with no jailbreak or root required to use the software.

It comes with functions to monitor calls, text messages, browsing history, GPS tracking as well as the use of social media apps on the target person, smartphone or target android device.

Two of the most widely used key features in this Android keylogger are:


Starting with the Android keylogger feature which is exclusive to mSpy. The user is able to have keystroke logging access to everything typed on the device.

Bonus: The mSpy keylogging feature is at the moment only available for parental control for Android.


This is incredibly popular among employers and working parents. Geofencing is a feature that allows restricted areas to be set up using Google Maps.

The moment the target person or target phone enters one of the restricted areas, you will get an alert.

The alert may either show up on the app dashboard, or you may choose to receive it via email.

Other than that, this Android keylogger also includes:

– Monitoring of messenger apps and social media apps

– Monitoring calls

– App blocking and app deletion

– Account and password on device

– Website blocking and internet blocking

– Monitoring Wi-Fi points

– Viewing photos

– Additional key security features on the app such as SIM change notifications, phone locking and data deletion

Basically, this Android keylogger application offers everything you could possibly need for parental controls for the safety of your kid or teen, as well as what employers need for company security, confidentiality and improved employee performance – available to you as long as you own an android device or android phone.

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2. Spyic


Spyic is also a favourite among those who are familiar with spy apps and keylogger for Android as well as iOS. Since its launch, this app has gained major popularity and has made appearances on established platforms.

Spyic gained its good reputation as an excellent phone monitoring solution, first for parents and then for the rest of the market. Till date, Spyic has gained a following that reaches nearly 200 countries.

We will first be focusing on the key Android keylogger feature which is one of its best features on the app.

Spyic provides real-time and quick logging updates. The keystrokes from all and any social media platform used by the target user on the target android phone will be projected on the dashboard.

Additionally, website searches across Google Chrome, Firefox and other providers are synced and accurately updated. This is what first caught the interest of parents who wanted to monitor activities and know what their kids and teens were watching online.

Although the data records and log files are displayed in real-time, the date and time that the searches and actions were performed will also be recorded so that the user can track it when they look back.

To install Spyic on the target android phone, an initial 5 minutes of physical access on the target user’s smartphone or device is required. It is easy to use and can be done without any rooting or jailbreak.

The entire setup on both devices will take up to around 20 minutes, after which physical access to the target android phone will no longer be necessary. All subsequent tracking may be done remotely.

Other than the keylogging mentioned above, Spyic also enables logging keystrokes on Microsoft Office, note-taking apps, email and even the calculator!

All in, with Spyic you will be able to:

– Read messages

– Log keystrokes

– Check call logs and call recording

– Track GPS location (check out app to track phone without permission)

– Access website browser search history on smartphone and computer

– Download audio and video files

– Review installed apps

– Account and password on device

– Detect email and passwords on the phone

In our opinion, we think Spyic offers fantastic value for money, and those looking for the best Android keylogger can definitely consider giving it a shot.

3. KidsGuard Pro


Here’s an Android keylogger that was created with kids’ online activities in mind for parental control.

KidsGuard Pro has become a parent favourite as it has a user-friendly interface, very easy installation with no jailbreak or root required, and timely updates.

It works in stealth mode, ensuring that the target phone user remains unaware of the logging of their keystrokes, which is needed when you want to track your kids’ activities discreetly.

In addition to the logs provided, Kids Guard Pro has clipboard-like features, in the sense that everything copied by the kid or spouse from one place to another place on the target phone, it will appear on the app interface.

A major bonus of this app is that the logs are separated into individual sections, making it easy to track conversations and texts on the cell phone by application.

For example, all logs from WhatsApp will be filed away into a section specifically for WhatsApp, while all logs from Facebook will be found in the section for Facebook, etc. It’s a pretty awesome feature to spy on Facebook messengers.

KidsGuard Pro has also enabled specific words to be searched in the app itself. If the logs are too numerous to go through manually, you may choose to search for specific key words to highlight any danger, inappropriate language, or any activity that may be an issue.

Other than the excellent logging of keystrokes, KidsGuard Pro contains:

– Location monitoring

– Geofencing

– Call logs monitoring

– Application installation

– Text messages monitoring

– Socmed account monitoring

– Site browsing history

You can probably see why many love this spy app for monitoring their children’s safety. It is definitely one of our top recommendations as a keylogger for Android!

Next, we will also share a bit on one of the free Android keylogger alternatives for family members to monitor kids’ activities on their smartphones.

4. Kidlogger


KidLogger is a great Android keylogger for parental control. It is a monitoring tool for children’s smartphones through the logging of keystrokes, as the application name suggests.

This Android keylogger performs pretty well, considering that it comes without cost.

The installation is simple with no root, and the interface comes quite straightforward, allowing you to tick the boxes of what you want to monitor.

One of the downsides is that it does not come with time controls, however the other key features are still pretty solid, including

– Keystrokes

– Skype chat logs

– SMS messages, emails, call log

– Websites

– Password detection

– Audio recordings

– SIM card changes

– Screenshots when keywords are detected on target phone

The logs records can also be viewed remotely at any time.

We would personally recommend KidsGuard Pro over Kidlogger, but people who want to download a free app as a sort of trial version before purchasing a more advanced Android keylogger software may find this a good option.

5. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch Feature Image


Speaking of Android keylogger apps, Hoverwatch is one of the best apps that offers a free trial version.

Hoverwatch offers trial versions for three days. You will be able to track up to five phones and/or devices, regardless of whether they are Android or iOS, Android mobile phones, iPhone or other Apple products.

We tested out the three-day trial version on our Android devices to track an iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone XS, iPhone 11, and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

We found that even the trial version gave us a good chance to explore the application and experience its top features to decide whether it would be worth a bigger investment.

Our verdict is that we still prefer the interface of mSpy and Spyic considering the price points, but Hoverwatch activity is pretty great as an Android keylogger

Installation is as simple as using your email and password, and does not require jailbreaking or root. However, you will require physical access to the target phone upon installation.

Features included in Hoverwatch are:

– Keylogger features

– Stealth mode

– Track phone calls

– Facebook messaging spy

– View contacts and phone numbers

– Track website searches

– Track GPS location

– WhatsApp spying, WeChat spying, Snapchat spying etc

– Viber tracking

– Screenshots, camera tracking

– To-do-list tracking

Hoverwatch offers a pretty extensive list of options. As we mentioned, for the price point we do have a personal preference for other app interfaces, but this is still a pretty fantastic keylogger for Android and you have the benefit of trying out the sample version!

6. Cocospy


Cocospy is also a keylogger for android with a great user following across all continents. People tend to praise the app most for the parental control features that it has.

An interesting fact is that most people started out using it to find out whether or not their teens were being bullied, and whether or not their kids were bullying others.

Keystrokes will be performed on the sites, socmed apps like Instagram and WhatsApp, and all browsing sites including Google searches.

Some people find it important to be able to perform keystrokes to search for phone content such as phone numbers, photos, videos and SMS.

Cocospy keylogger for Android is great for these people as this Android keylogger can read keystrokes on almost all mobile apps on the smartphone or tablets. The data record will appear on the user dashboard remotely.

What may be useful on the app for some people is that the date and time when the keystroke was performed will also be available.

Cocospy keylogger for Android app remains hidden and undetectable on the target phone.

All in all, features include:

– Tracking call logs

– Reading SMS and other messages

– Viewing media files

– Accessing browser history and words search on smartphone and computer

– Viewing calendar events

– SIM card information

– Access to contacts

Cocospy installation is simple, with just an email for username and then creating a password. As a keylogger for android it is an app that doesn’t take up much space, and does not require any jailbreak or root.

If you have more than one device and not all are Android, iOS users or Mac users may want to know that Cocospy for iOS is a web-based app, so you will not need to install any app on your Mac or Apple device.


Applications on the web are aplenty. In this review we have presented some of the top spy applications with keyloggers for Android that we think perform best and are best value for money.

Everyone has to admit that this era poses limitations to the protection of our privacy, not just from our surroundings but also on our computers, in the content of our emails and messages.

As we mentioned in the beginning of this review, we advocate the use of a spy app and keyloggers with permission or notification whenever possible, whether the application is meant for use on employees with business tablets/phones/computer/iPad or whether it is for use on a device that belongs to your partner.

In circumstances where there are restrictions and you find the need to use an Android keylogger as the solution to an issue, above are the top options that we suggest, which we have tested and believe to produce quality solutions for your situation.

We hope this review helps you find the best keylogger for you!

About Keyloggers

Ever heard of keyloggers? Keylogger stands for Keystroke Logger. It is a type of technology that was developed to track and record all the keystrokes made on a keyboard.

The keylogger feature is incorporated into spy apps. Users will need to understand their needs and what the spying apps offer, and proceed to download the spying app of their choice in order to make use of the keylogger function.

Keylogger app are most commonly used within the software and hardware industry, but in recent times have also become popular among the general population.

Can you keylog someone’s phone? Is this legal?

There are a couple of common reasons why people use keyloggers, and although “spy apps” seem to have a negative connotation, day-to-day use of a keylogger comes with permission and is used for legitimate reasons, not for intentional harm.

Among many uses, a very common purpose for the use of a keylogger is for the safety, wellbeing and upbringing of children and teenagers, i.e. when concerned parents notice that their children are being secretive about their internet history, or when they want to monitor their teen’s use of language on the internet.   

Of course, experts recommend in-person approaches to be the best solution for these kinds of issues. However, in this era of technology, the fact is that using keylogger technology to extract necessary info may be a need and may come in handy as an additional tool for the greater good, and may sometimes be the only option, done without the knowledge of the target device owner.

Naturally, in the hands of irresponsible or harmful individuals such as hackers, keylogger technology may be a danger as common keystrokes include passwords and other sensitive information. Here, we advocate the usage of keylogger with the target device owner’s consent as much as possible.

There are various types of keyloggers and they vary based on the type of key login method.

Can Keylogger be installed remotely?

Installing a keylogger remotely is possible depending on the device and type of method you use. Once installed, the keylogger does not require you to have physical access to the target device whenever word or keystroke tracking is desired. It just needs to be set up once, and subsequently may be used remotely.

Today we will share our reviews on the best Android Keylogger apps that are easy to use. We will include apps that do not require root, some that can run in stealth mode, and free android keylogger app.

Before that, let us take a look at the common uses of keylogging apps and the criteria to determine the best keylogger for android. 

The Functions of a Android Keylogger

Monitoring Children and Teenagers

Cell phones were developed as a convenient tool, meant to solve important problems such as distant communication. However, its existence has undoubtedly created a whole new world of problems, especially in the hands of children and teens who are still immature, and with the rise of social media usage.

This makes it important for those who need to monitor their kids’ activities whenever necessary, to ensure that they are not getting themselves into any trouble – or causing any trouble.

It may be hard for teens to confide in their parents about the changes they are going through. With information widely available on the internet, they tend to turn to sources that are available on social media, without knowing how to filter it for what is appropriate and what is not.

For children who are now extremely tech-savvy, it is important for at least one parent to be able to keep track of what they come across online in videos and on social media, to make sure they are not picking up things and words that are inappropriate, as well as prevent accidental exposure to online child sexual predators that are on the rise.

Installing a spy app with keylogger features, or a keylogging app allows the detection of alarming behaviours by keeping track of website history and phone activities, which would then best be followed up with proper conversation and prevention of further damage.

Keeping Track of Employees

Many companies benefit from providing their employees with a company mobile phone that has a keylogger app installed.

The keylogger app gives employers an additional security perspective to monitor appropriate employee behaviour while they are at work.

The purpose is to protect the company, since the employer will be aware of exactly what company information the employee holds and with whom the information has been shared.

This will be extremely useful if there ever comes an employee who breaches confidentiality by sharing company information that they should not, as it can be detected at any time and damage control may be conducted as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Building Trust Between Partners or Spouses

Trust in relationships takes time to develop, but once it is there, it creates a solid foundation for any relationship. It may be hard for two initial strangers to learn to trust each other blindly in the beginning, so this is where keylogger applications come in handy. Of course, this would be done with mutual consent and permissions of the partner.

The keylogger app may help a couple to start out the relationship being completely transparent, and it would be fair since both parties are in it together.

Rather than viewing it as spying, the log may help them to also understand each other better and create conversations, and once the base has been established, the couple may choose to do away with the keylogger app at any time.

For other couples, it may unfortunately have come to a point where one spouse feels that trust has been breached, for example in an extra-marital relationship of the other spouse.

In such cases, the keylogger technology can provide keystroke logs and tracking through apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, other socmed apps, web browser history, words search, other search info and even phone calls through the call history on the cell phone, be it an android phone or ipad. 

We hope that nobody has to come to this, but unfortunately this is when spying apps and tracking may sometimes be required.

Criteria for Choosing a Good Keylogger Android

Connectivity in today’s world has reached an impressive degree compared to merely 10 years ago. From regular mobile phones to smartphone or smart devices, we have come a long way and are now virtually connected almost all the time.

It cannot be denied that this has also made us more vulnerable than before. Along with other apps advancements, Android keyloggers have improved with time. Many spy apps now have advanced Android keylogger properties that do not stop at simple eavesdropping, so we recommend you make sure you know what you are looking for in a spy app or keylogger for android. 

Some knowledge on keyloggers and key considerations that we recommend:

Keylogger Installation Process

The keylogger for Android apps usually come with extremely simple installation, though you may be a little overwhelmed initially.

There are certain instances whereby the Android keylogger apps may be installed despite not having physical access to the target device. This means that users may access the target device remotely, without login credentials by the target user. 

We recommend Android keyloggers that have a simple installation process. You’d want something where you can just download the application, create an account with your email address or mobile number as credentials, create a password and then be good to go and let the Android keylogger do its best work on the device. 


When considering an Android keylogger app or spy app, it is important to look into the range of access that the Android keylogger features, i.e. whether it is available to be used on WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Snapchat, call logging or call history, web browser search history, email etc.  

Another useful feature on the best Android keylogger app, on top of keystroke logs, would be one that includes GPS access so that tracking can include the location of the target device.

Ease of Use

You want an Android keylogger that keeps the user interface simple and is easy to use, especially with the data record, so that you don’t have a hard time working it on your smartphone.

For ease of use, you want apps with the best keylogger dashboard that is fairly simple in terms of navigation.

It’s also valuable for the apps to have real-time tracking, especially when GPS tracking is required.

Hidden and Undetectable Keylogger

The best Android keylogger apps these days often come with a stealth mode, which means that the target device does not notice when it is being tracked.

Individuals or companies who are tracking for legitimate reasons such as employee performance and company confidentiality would usually want this feature.

We have tested them thoroughly and listed out our reviews and opinions of the best.


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