Top 10 Best Antivirus Software for Mac in 2023

Mac Anti-Virus

Mac doesn’t quite have a lot of antivirus software available for it compared to Windows. It’s known that Apple products have been very well protected and it’s nearly impossible for any malware to penetrate its safety. Though that being said, it doesn’t mean Mac isn’t prone to attack from viruses.

MacOS’s operating system is based on Unix – which basically has been sandboxed. In summary, it simply meant it can be very difficult for viruses to do any damages. Most have been designed to work with the unique demands macOS has.

Criteria to Consider

As mentioned before, Mac already has a strong system defense, naturally the criteria you are looking for in an antivirus software would differ from what Windows users are looking for. Here are the main criteria you should look out for.

System Compatibility

Note that not all antivirus software will be compatible with your MacOS. Most antivirus software runs on the latest OS, some are available on earlier OS.

Threats and Malware Detection Effectiveness

Not all antivirus software have effective threat and malware detection. It’s a known fact. Some works better than the others.

System Resources (System Performance)

System performance basically refers to whether if it lags your Mac when you run the antivirus program in the background. Some anti-virus software works just fine and does not bother your system at all, and some others do.

You will also have to take into consideration if it requires you to keep the antivirus program active in the background. Some anti-virus programs don’t (and will not) scan for any threats and other malwares if you do not keep it running in the background. That can contribute to your Mac systems lagging.

Real-Time Information

Real-time information means whether if you will get live information of threats and malwares penetrating your system or not. This usually means having your anti-virus software running in the background.

Sometimes the real-time information feature don’t quite work despite having it running live in the background. Some actually did quite a fine job at it. Keep in mind that sometimes this feature may lag your system. It depends on the size of your computer RAM and space sizes.

Speedy Scan

When you buy an antivirus software, you may want to consider if it can scan for viruses really fast. Some software takes forever to scan for viruses, some takes less than 20mins to scan.

By the end of the day, it depends on how many files you have on your Mac. The more files it has on your Mac, the longer it takes for the software to scan for threats and malwares.

Packages and Pricing

The other main requisite you should consider before getting that antivirus software is the packages and prices it offers. Remember that most antivirus software have a personal package, family package, and a business package.

Each package has a different pricing and has different levels of features. You may not need every feature in a premium package. It all depends on what your needs are and most times a personal package would suffice.

Device Coverage

This is the last feature you may have to consider. For most personal antivirus software packages, it usually covers for just 1 device. Family kits sometimes covers 2 or 3 devices and up.

Business packages depend on what kind of business you are. Some covers up to 20-25 PCs for a set rate. Other packages are customizable and the prices and number of covered PCs depends on how big your company is. You may (or may not) have to ask for a price quote.

Best Mac Antivirus Software

Here are our best antivirus software for Mac.

1. Intego

Intego anti-virus

Intego is probably one of the best antivirus software made for just for MacOS.

System Compatibility

So far Intego works on all MacOS and have no issues. Intego is an antivirus software that is made specifically for MacOS. It won’t run on Windows operating systems.

An antivirus software created way back in 1997, it was built from ground up and have been protecting MacOS ever since. The software was made to be effective straightforward, and unobtrusive. Note that it does cover iPhones too but that’s for another time.

Threats and Malware Detection

So far Intego users have reported back with 97% to 100% of threats and malware detection. With such superb rating, there is no doubt that it is one of the best anti-virus software Mac users can get.

As Macs don’t often get a lot of threats doesn’t mean it doesn’t require an extra layer of protection.  Intego’s detection features are just limited to 5 applications, and with just that it does a fantastic job at protecting your Mac.

Users have said how Intego has high security and has a very reliable level among its Mac antivirus peers. Its easy to navigate interface makes this antivirus software all the more striking.

Perhaps the downside to Intego’s virus detection is that it doesn’t detect unknown ransomware. That is something you may want to watch out for.

System Resources (System Performance)

Intego was made to be a lightweight antivirus software. Oftentimes users may think having an antivirus software may overload your device, but that isn’t the case. The way Intego was made meant that the usage allows to scan your Mac’s system without any additional loading.

In other words, Intego doesn’t affect your Mac performance adversely. It won’t affect your system negatively even when a full scan is going on.

Furthermore, its function to be able to clear storage and cache means your Mac will have more space. It further helps increase your Mac’s speed. The function even boost your Mac’s performance too.

Real-Time Information

It has a real time information feature that saves your Mac from treats live. You won’t be able to notice it as it runs in the background, while protecting your Mac 24/7. It protects against any Mac viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware, worms, hacking tools, and any other fake security programs.

If you wish to find out what threats it has scanned and removed, you can check for it in the document directories found in its built-in VirusBarrier.

Users have reported back saying how this feature doesn’t lag their Macs when it is being run in the background. If you have worries how it will hamper you from doing your work, it won’t.

Speedy Scan

Intego’s scanning speed has received mixed reviews from people who have used the software. Generally users said the scan speed is relatively fast for both its full time scans, quick scans, and scheduled scans. Some users have protested how its scanning speed is atrociously slow.

It can be said that the reason for the slow scan speed is that your Mac may be running on an older OS. Or it can be due to the fact that your Mac has too much files and junks loaded in it. For the antivirus software to scan through your Mac, it will take substantially more time than usual.

Packages and Pricing

Intego’s packages and pricing depends on how many devices and how many years you wish to cover for. Each package comes with different levels of features.

Personal and home use packages:
  • Mac Premium Bundle X9 – Prices start from US$84.99 to US$146.99 per year.
  • Mac Internet Security X9 – US$49.99 to US$84.99 per year.
  • Mac Washing Machine X9 – US$40 to US$60 per year.
  • Mac Washing Machine Secure X9 – US$64.99 to US$129.99 per year.
  • ContentBarrier X9 – US$49.99 to US$99.99 per year.
  • ContentBarrier Secure X9 – US$79.99 to US$159.99 per year.
Business Packages:
  • VirusBarrier X9 – Rates start from US$179.99 per year and up.
  • NetBarrier X9 – Rates start from US$89.99 per year and up.

Devices Covered

Intego covers anywhere from 1 device to multiple devices depending on which package you choose.

2. Bitdefender

bitdefender anti-virus

Bitdefender is perhaps another really great antivirus software for Mac. Despite it being like most other antivirus software made more for Windows, it does not mean it’s not made for Mac either.

System Compatibility

Bitdefender is compatible with MacOS X Yosemite 10.10 or later. If you plan to install its Bitdefender VPN, then you need to have MacOS Sierra 10.12 or later. Basically it runs on all latest Mac OS.

Note that you need to have at least 1GB of free space in your Mac before you are able to install it.

Threat and Malware Detection Rate

It was said that Bitdefender has achieved perfect scores in defending Macs. That being said, it simply means its detection rate is perfect too.

According to lab testers from AV Comparatives, Bitdefender achieves 100% in detecting its threats. Lab testers from AV Test Institute has given it perfect scores also when tested. It’s one of the few antivirus software to have achieved such ratings from international and independent test labs.

System Resources (System Performance)

If you were to only download the antivirus software and let it run on your Mac, the speed is generally ok and does not slow down your system. There were reports from users that if you were to download it together with its VPN package, it will definitely slow down your system.

Some users reported back that when run together with the VPN feature, internet speed has been significantly reduced by 97.3%. Upload speed has been reduced by 87.9%. Latency has also increased by several times.

Otherwise for an antvirus standalone package, it won’t slow down your system.

Real-Time Information

Bitdefender does not have a real time information feature. It can only catch viruses and malwares during its next scan. This also means that as soon as you install Bitdefender you will have to run a full scan as soon as possible. That and you may have to run regular scheduled scans to look out for any threats and malwares.

Speedy Scan

Its been reported back by users that Bitdefender’s full scan takes 24 minutes. It is considered one of the fastest full-run scans for MacOS. Its quick scan takes just 1 minute.

Packages and Pricing

Its packages depends on how many devices you choose and for how many years. For 1 device it charges US$39.99 per year. The rates it charges and listed on its website is only for the first year. For subsequent years you may have to pay more.

Devices Covered

It covers anywhere from 1 devices and up.

3. Trend Micro

trendmicro anti-virus

Trend Micro is another antivirus software available for mac users. It offers quite a substantial amount of features for mac users.

System Compatibility

You will need at least MacOS 10.13 High Sierra and up to be able to run this antivirus software.

Threats and Malware Detection Effectiveness

Independent lab test results reflected pretty solid results for its mac detection rates. AV Test found that Trend Micro detects between 95% to 99.5% of threats and malware found on macs. It’s considered one of the best antivirus software for macs. AV Comparatives have given Trend Micro a 100% score for detection (and threat removal) rates.

Although it has a very high detection rate, its removal rate is a lot lower. Some users came back saying the removal rate is only around 61%.

The test results from independent lab testers don’t lie. Users have come back with relatively happy opinions that it does its job. The bottom line is that it’s a top product for macOS.

System Resources (System Performance)

Trend Micro generally don’t slow down your mac once it’s installed. Some users said that it does but it shouldn’t be the case.

If the lag still continues, it can be due to software issues. Issues such as limited hard drive space available, too many apps running at a time, not enough RAM, high CPU utilisation, among others.

Have the hardware issues cleared up first. If the lag problem still persists, it’s time to contact Trend Micro’s customer support for further information.

Real-Time Information

Trend Micro does have a real time information feature. Every time you downloaded or received a file, real-time scan feature will scan the file for any security risks. If there are no security risks, it simply means the file is safe to access.

If the file is unsafe, real time will display a notification message. The name of the (infected) file will pop up along with the security risk.

Some users said that sometimes the real time information feature may lag your mac. If that’s the case you can choose to turn it off and go for scheduled scans instead.

Speedy Scan

Trend Micro’s scan time is pretty impressive. A first-time full-scan run takes about 40 minutes. For every subsequent runs, it was reported that it takes on average 10minutes.

It seems that the only reason for such speedy scan time is only when you kept the real-time information feature on. If you have the real-time information feature turned off, the scan times can be longer than that.

Packages and Pricing

Trend Micro offers antivirus software for home/personal use. Below are the packages available from Trend Micro.

  • Antivirus for Mac: US$39.95/year
  • Maximum Security: US$89.95/year

Devices covered

Trend Micro covers anywhere from 1 to 5 devices.

4. Norton Antivirus

norton anti-virus

Norton Antivirus is another top rated antivirus software for Mac computers. Though it’s made for Windows, it does have features made for Mac too.

Device Compatibility

If you wish to install Norton Antivirus on your Mac, it has to be running on Mac OS X 10.7.5 (Lion) or later. If you are running on OS X 10.6 or earlier, you will have to upgrade your Mac operating system to the supported system.

Also, if you want to install Norton product version 8 or later, your Mac has to be running on Mac OS X 10.10.x or later. It’s best if you read the product license agreement before you install the software.

Threat and Malware Detection Effectiveness

So far the detection rates for Mac is relatively all right. It may not be as top notch as it is on Windows, but it still works fine.

There are no lab test results for Norton Antivirus for Macs. Specifically, AV Comparatives’ latest report for Macs did not include Norton.

However, AV-Test Institute has given Norton Antivirus full points in the three categories it has been rated for (protection, performance, usability). To put it simply, it means that Norton has accurate detection and few false positive results for valid files and websites identified as malicious.

System Resources (System Performance)

Norton doesn’t quite lag your Mac after you have installed it. At the same time, it doesn’t quite lag your Mac during scans or when it’s running in the background either. So far the only time when there was a reported lag was when it has detected a new malware and requires some of your system’s resources to remove it.

Real-Time Information

Norton comes with a real time information feature where it scans for any threats and malwares in the background. It has been reported back by users that once full runs have been made, real time protection and information should run a lot faster as it can handle new threats much faster.

If you feel real time information is a bit too much for your mac, you have an opt-out option to turn it off. Alternatively you can schedule a weekly scan on any day and time of your choice. That way you don’t always have to overload your system resources for an antivirus software.

Speedy Scan

So far Norton Antivirus has some pretty positive speedy scan times. According to some of our users, they have mentioned how the average full time scan takes around 40 minutes or less. Some reported a full run scan for less than 14 minutes.

Some users have reported that for a quick scan it only took Norton around 2 minutes. That was pretty impressive as it can be considered one of the best scan times to date. It may not be as fast as Malwarebytes for Macs (30 seconds) and Webroot (5 seconds), but it’s still something.

Note that once full runs on the entire Mac has been done before, subsequent runs can be a lot less time-consuming.

Packages and Pricing

Norton provides 3 packages for your Mac.

  • Norton 360 with LifeLock Select

US$149.99/year (for the first year)

  • Norton 360 with LifeLock Advantage

US$249.99/year (for the first year)

  • Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus

US$349.99/year (for the first year)

Note that the package pricings listed above is only for the first year. If you wish to continue beyond your first year, it may cost more than what is listed above (and its website). For further information you will have to check with its customer support team.

Devices Covered

Norton covers anywhere from 1 devices to multiple devices. It all depends on which package you choose.

5. F-Secure Antivirus

f-secure anti-virus

F-Secure is perhaps one of the better antivirus software for Mac users. Users have reported back saying that it’s more fitting for business use. Though that being said, it does not mean you can’t peruse it for home use.

System Compatibility

F-Secure is compatible with Mac OS X 10 and above. Anything less, F-Secure is not able to run properly.

Malware and Threat Detection Rates

F-Secure has really good malware and threat detection rates according to independent lab testers. The results may not be as awesome as what its Windows counterparts have scored, but its really high results reflected otherwise.

Independent lab testers AV Test tested F-Secure on Mac in June 2019. It scored 99.5% in terms of protection rate. Though it didn’t mention if it were for detection or for removal rates, one can discern from the figure that its detection (and removal) rates are near perfect.

Another independent lab tester AV Comparatives gave F-Secure really high scores at 99.8%. Though it did not report back on any false positives on Mac, its Windows counterpart, however, has detected 25 false positives.

There are no ratings from SE Labs for Mac version, but its Windows counterpart has received an AAA rating.

Though the results may be stellar, you can be assured that regular users find F-Secure as secure as it sounds. Users mentioned how F-Secure can easily detect almost every malware and threats that gets onto their Macs. Threats and malwares downloaded from the internet were also easily detected immediately.

Convincingly, you can really be guaranteed that F-Secure’s detection (and removal) rates are indeed top-notch.

System Resources (System Performance)

Though F-Secure has a really good detection (and removal) rate, its system performance fares less well. Users reported back saying that there were some performance loss when scanning their macs. Some other users also said that while running the scans, their macs freeze.

To solve the system slowdown and frozen scan problems, you will have to make sure your mac is running on compatible OS. Incompatible OS slows down (and may freeze) your F-Secure’s scans sometimes.

The other possibility is that F-Secure “scans way too much” of your files. As ridiculous as it sounds, it’s possible as some files are too large for the antivirus software to scan. It shouldn’t be an issue for F-Secure to scan larger files. If the issue persist, you may have to talk to one of F-Secure’s customer support for further assistance.

Real-Time Information

Real-time information is available on Mac version of F-Secure. There are hardly any complaints about F-Secure’s real-time information feature. Though that may be the case, users have complaint about how it turns itself off after the last update in October 2019.

To solve this issue, you will need to go to F-Secure’s “System Preferences”. Click on “Security & Privacy”, and then click on the “General” tab. Once there, click “allow”. When this is done, the issue will go back to normal. It has to be done on the Mac with F-Secure installed in.

Speedy Scan

F-Secure’s average scan is said to be relatively fast. The average full-scan time takes about 21 minutes, which is a great improvement from its previous average scan time of 39 minutes.

Probably it isn’t the best time frame for its scan time compared to some other leading antivirus software. It does, however, do better than a general amount of other antivirus software in the market.

Packages and Pricing

F-Secure offers several antivirus packages. Depending on how many devices you choose, generally F-Secure charges US$35.99 per year for 1 device coverage.

Devices Coverage

F-Secure covers anywhere from 1 device to multiple devices depending on which package you choose.

6. Scanguard

scanguard anti-virus

Scanguard is considered one of the better antivirus software for Mac. There are some users online who felt that Scanguard is some kind of scam. It isn’t. It’s safe to say Scanguard is here to stay, but may have to strengthen their marketing and PR position in the antivirus software atmostphere.

System Compatibility

Scanguard is compatible on OS X 10.9 Mavericks, 10.1.10 Yosemite, 10.11 El Capitan, MacOS 10.12 Sierra, and MacOS 10.12 High Sierra. You will need to have available device space of 800MB to be able to download and run this software smoothly.

Threats and Malware Detection Effectiveness

Its threats and malware detection rate is considered all right for MacOS. So far there are no lab test results from international lab testers like AV Test and AV Comparatives (for Mac). Though that may be the case, users are still quite happy with its performance. There are no need for new users to worry about Scanguard’s performance on your Mac.

Users did mention how Scanguard can detect some of the strongest viruses like a pro. As users say that it can detect viruses and malwares, we aren’t entirely sure of the detection rate. Since there weren’t enough user feedbacks regarding its detection rate.

System Resources (System Performance)

Happy users have reported back saying how it doesn’t slow down or lag your computer when you run it in the background. It doesn’t stress your Mac out in simple words.

Once again, we aren’t so sure how legitimate it gets. It may not be on par with top and leading antivirus software in the market but the user feedbacks seem satisfied otherwise. That shouldn’t be overlooked so to speak.

Real-Time Information

As Scanguard is a relatively young company and hasn’t been able to prove its worth yet. Though that be the case, users have reported back that when you run Scanguard in the background it won’t lag your Mac.

That’s a good sign how Scanguard is doing quite well for a pretty young antivirus company. As the feedbacks are there, it shouldn’t be overlooked. Its regular users are the ones who noticed all the imperfections and great features.

Speedy Scan

Users have reported back that its scan speed is relatively fast. They did not mention how fast the scans are. It would have been great if they have provided the time frames.

If they mentioned how the scans are speedy, we take their words for it that it is indeed really fast.

Packages and Prices

Although Scanguard is a young antivirus software, it provides users with 3 options.

  • Basic Package: US$99.95
  • Virus Pro: US$119.95
  • Ultimate Anti-Virus: $149.95

The payments are a one-off payment for life. It seems that for a young antivirus company it charges pretty high for its software that does comparatively less than leading products in the market. That being said, it doesn’t mean it does not do its job. It still does.

Devices Covered

It covers 1 device per package. That means if you want to install it on more devices, you will have to buy new packages for your new devices.


eset anti-virus


ESET is another antivirus software available for Mac users.

System Compatibility

ESET is compatible with MacOS 10 and up. Not all ESET packages are available to all MacOS 10 systems. You may have to check if the ESET package is compatible with your MacOS or not on their official website.

Threat and Malware Detection Rate

ESET’s threat and malware detection rate is considerably lower than most other antivirus software for macs. Users have reported back saying the average detection rate for ESET is at 71% (some users reported back with an average detection rate of 84%) and have trouble trying to get the software to “work correctly”.

Users advised to uninstall and reinstall the software again. Though it should work properly the 2nd time you installed it, some people still come back saying it doesn’t. The only way for you to remedy this problem is to contact its customer support for further assistance at this rate.

System Resources (System Performance)

Generally ESET’s system performance is all right. Some users said they have issues at initial start-up and logon. Once you get past that, the system performance went back to normal and stabilised mode.

Real-Time Information

The real-time information feature is what causes the most lag in macs. Depending on whether you are willing to risk having a live virus attack, you may have to turn it off. I guess that in order for you to keep your mac from virus attacks is to frequently have a virus scan just to make sure your machine is fine from such threats.

Speedy Scan

ESET’s first full scan tends to be a bit longer than most antivirus software’s scan times. Its first scan time is around 2-3 hours long, but some users complained it took more than 24hrs to scan. Note that it should not take up to 1 day or more to scan your mac.

If it is taking more than 1 day to scan your mac, check that if it is scanning your mac’s Apple Time Machine backups. If it is, you will have to disable that option before you start the scan.

Subsequent full-scan runs take on average 10 minutes. Always keep in mind that the first full scans usually take longer than usual, and that subsequent runs can be a lot shorter.

Its short scans are somehow confusing because for a “quick scan”, it took up to 51 minutes. That amount of time was a bit of a shock for some users because quick scans should not take close to 1 hour to complete.

Packages and Pricing

ESET has packages for home/personal use and for business use.

Home/Personal packages:
  • ESET Cyber Security (Basic Package): US$39.99
  • ESET Cyber Security Pro: US$59.99
Business Packages:
  • Small-sized business packages: Prices start from US$56.15
  • Medium-sized business packages: Prices start from US$190
  • Large-scale enterprise packages: No price listed. You will need to contact ESET’s sales team for more information.

Devices Covered

ESET covered anywhere from 1 device to multiple devices for personal and home packages. For business packages, ESET covers for at least 250 devices for small businesses to over 1000 devices on large scale enterprises.

8. BullGuard


bullguard anti-virus

BullGuard also covers for MacOS also. Do note that the features for Mac is a lot limited compared to its Windows peer. It still works well nonetheless.

System Compatibility

If you wish to run BullGuard on your Mac, your OS has to be Mac OS X 10.11 or later. Then again, you will have to check its website for the compatibility.

BullGuard should be able to work and run on the latest Mac OS systems with little to no problems at all.

Threat and Malware Detection Effectiveness

Its threat and malware detection effectiveness is considered above-average. Leading lab testers have given BullGuard really good ratings.

Though that may be the case, leading lab testers like AV Comparatives and SE Labs have given BullGuard pretty good ratings. The only issue is that those ratings are meant for Windows and not tested for Mac.

System Resources (System Performance)

Its system performance has taken a hit on Mac OS and has been considered mediocre compared to the performance on Windows. Users have reported that the system performances have been reduced by 12-15% as it works in the background.

During active scans, its final result was only 35% for internet use. It was pretty limited what BullGuard can offer for Mac users.

Real-Time Information

BullGuard does have a real-time information feature that comes with it. However, as mentioned earlier its performance is considered mediocre and not good for the system. Compared to its Windows counterpart, BullGuard Mac fare less good.

Speedy Scan

Unfortunately BullGuard’s scan on Mac is not the best. Users have come back complaining how its full scans took almost an entire hour to run. The quick run, however, does better and finished in about 5 minutes. During its quick scan there were no malicious threats detected.

Note that the reason why it may have a really long scan time is that your Mac may have too much files saved on it. Hence, the reason for such a really long scan run. At the same time, it can be due to the fact that your Mac is running on an older OS. You may want to upgrade your Mac to the latest version for better performance.

Packages and Pricing

Its antivirus package is not available on Mac. However, its internet package and premium package is available for Mac users.

  • BullGuard Internet Security

1 year – US$59.99

  • BullGuard Premium Protection

1 year – US$99.99

Note that BullGuard does not have free trial periods like how some antivirus software has. It has, however, 30-day money back guarantee clause where if you are unhappy with the software, you can return it and get your money back. To do so, talk to any of their customer support officers and have it arranged.

Devices covered

BullGuard offers protection of 3 devices up to multiple devices for Mac users. Note that the rates may differ for the different time frame you wish to cover.

9. AiroAV

airoav anti-virus

AiroAV is another recommended antivirus software, and it is made specifically for Macs.

System Compatibility

AiroAV is compatible with OS X El Capitan (10.11) and higher. If your mac is running on anything lower, it may have issues in trying to get it to work.

Threat and Malware Detection Rates

AiroAV is reported to have 100% threat and malware detection rates. This perfect figure, however, is done on Mac devices with very little files. Hence, the detection rate may not be accurate.

Though that being said, users have reported that AiroAV’s detection rate may not be accurate. It still has a lot of improving feature updates hence that may explain for the perfect detection rate.

System Resources (System Performance)

AiroAV is said not to hog up a lot of your system resources. Hence, it has very little to no complaints regarding this aspect of AiroAV.

Real-Time Information

AiroAV has a real-time information feature. Users have reported back saying that they don’t have a lot of issues with it. With a 4 GB and 1.6GHz Intel Core i5 MacBook Air, it never took up more than 25% of the Mac’s system resources.

It runs scans in the background every now and then and it has hardly given users any issues in slowing down their macs. That can be a good thing if you are someone who often needs their Mac frequently for work.

Speedy Scan

If you have real-time information activated in the background, it shouldn’t take full length runs too long to scan.

Some users have reported that it takes 1hour 15minutes to scan about 450,000 files for the first time. However, for subsequent full runs, the scan time doesn’t decrease by any significant amount.

Users of several antivirus software will know that first time scans will usually take the longest and that subsequent scans will take a lot less time. This doesn’t seem to be the case with AiroAV.

Though each full scan runs on AiroAV can take quite long, it has its own advantages too. For every full scan runs you do, your threats, malwares, viruses are removed nearly completely. Users came back with really happy reports that though the scan times take really long, at least the majority of threats and malwares are being removed.

Packages and Pricing

AiroAV provides 3 packages for its Mac users.

  • Airo Single Suite: US$69.99/year
  • Airo Pro Suite: US$99.99/year
  • Airo Family Suite: US$129.99/year

The package pricing is on a yearly basis.

Devices Covered

AiroAV covers anywhere from 1 device to 5 devices.

10. TotalAV

totalav anti-virus

TotalAV is another recommended antivirus software for MacOS.

System Compatibility

You will need to have at least a MacOS X 10 and above to be able to run this anti-virus software. Latest OS versions of Mac should be able to support this anti-irus software nonetheless.

Threat and Malware Detection Effectiveness

TotalAV used to be a run-of-the-mill antivirus software back in its early days. With a lot of improvements, its recent versions can compete with bigger brand antivirus software in the market.

Though its Windows counterpart fares better in terms of threats and malware detection rate, Mac’s detection rate seems to be passable. It doesn’t perform as good as its Windows counterpart, if we can put it that way.

We should also mention how it’s lacking in independent lab test results (AV Test, AV Comparatives, SE Labs, etc). With lab test results, at least as users and potential buyers will know how far the antivirus software do among its peers.

Though it may not have much independent lab results, it’s ok. Some users have come back saying how TotalAV’s detection range is so-so. It managed to detect anywhere from 54% to 89% of the threats found on your Macs.

The detection rates for Mac is decent, though not top notch. That should work fine for a mid-range antivirus software for Mac.

System Resources (System Performance)

TotalAV’s system performance on Mac receives mixed views. Some users said it doesn’t quite hog up much of the system resources, while some others said it does. Keep in mind that no matter what program you’ve installed on your Mac, it will take up some system resources.

It really depends on your Mac versions as latest ones don’t usually have much system performance issues with TotalAV. Check the number of files and folders on your Mac too as sometimes it’s the number of files it has to scan that’s taking up system resources.

Real-Time Information

TotalAV does have a real-time information feature even on its free version. Though they may have it, it does not live up to expectations. Users mentioned how they were unimpressed.

It does scan for viruses and other threats on your Mac but sometimes it doesn’t scan very well. Meaning to say some of the known threats on Mac weren’t detected and was let slip. If you want to have it detected and removed, you will need to get the paid versions in order to do a better detection job.

Speedy Scan

Users have reported back that TotalAV’s scan time is relatively fast. It’s not the fastest scan you can find as there will be better and faster scan times from better anti-virus software.

TotalAV’s scans come in 2 kinds: system scan and quick scan. Users who tried out the system scan said it took on average 10 minutes per dull scan. That wasn’t too shabby for a mid-range antivirus software.

Packages and Pricings

TotalAV’s basic version is free, but the features are pretty limited and not on par. It has paid versions however and there were opinions that the paid versions do better.

  • Basic Version: Free
  • Anti-Virus Pro: US$99
  • Internet Security: US$119
  • Total Security: US$149

The payment is a one-time thing. There is no yearly renewal fee.

Devices Covered

TotalAV covers anywhere from 1 device to 6 devices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are some frequently asked questions

Q: Do I need antivirus software for macs?

Yes, you need antivirus software for macs. It’s a common misconception that macs’ strong built-in protection is sufficient when it isn’t. Attacks against macs and other Apple products are increasing over the years. To be safe than sorry, it’s best to have an extra layer of protection for your mac.

Q: Which is the best antivirus for mac?

There is no such thing as which antivirus software is the best for mac. There are several really good antivirus software on the market. It depends on which fits your needs and your budget.

Q: Do macs come with antivirus software?

No, macs do not come with antivirus software. However, it will be great to have an antivirus software installed in your mac for an extra layer of protection.

Q: Does Apple recommend antivirus software for macs?

Yes, Apple recommend antivirus software for macs quietly. Apple products have been long perpetuated the belief that it will never be infected with any viruses. As a matter of fact it does. As mentioned from time and time again, it will be great to install an extra layer of antivirus software for your Apple products.

Q: Does Apple have a virus scan?

Yes Apple has their own virus scan for their gadgets. Mac users are advised to peruse Setapp to detect any viruses and malwares on their machines.

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