5 Best SIM Card Trackers Review in 2023

Best SIM Card Trackers Review

A SIM Card Tracker is essentially a tracking software and technology that you can use to track your SIM card location. Most often, it comes in handy when one’s mobile phone gets lost or stolen, especially if the theft occurred in a crowded place and the individual is unable to identify how/when exactly it happened or how to recover it.

With the SIM card location tracker in existence, this problem ceases to exist. The SIM card can be easily tracked via GPS location tracking, thus enabling the owner of the lost or stolen phone to find it before rushing to get a replacement - and perhaps even find the thief in the process.

Furthermore, tracker software for SIM card location now also comes with tracking for calls and text messages.

Characteristics of a Good Tracker

Here is a list of features that we think you should look for in a SIM card tracker:

  • Ability to track live SIM card location
  • Ability to monitor all network-related activities and details in the SIM card
  • Ability to track all text messages and calls pertaining to the target device SIM cards
  • Easy SIM card tracker application installation steps
  • Easy-to-use application and software features

Benefits of Using An App for Tracking SIM Card

Reasons to use a SIM card tracker as a solution may not be very obvious to those who have yet to experience using one, so allow us to share the three main benefits of such a software and technology with you:

  1. Having a SIM tracker app or software enables you to have full control over your SIM card location, thus giving you full control over the whereabouts and activities of your cell phone.
  2. Having SIM trackers app or location software installed for your SIM card will relieve you of the fear of losing your cellphone and the anxiety of having to potentially spend money on a replacement, since you know you will be able to find it.
  3. Having a SIM trackers app for the SIM card installed on your child or children ‘s mobile phone will enhance safety of your children since the SIM tracker will allow you to constantly know their whereabouts as long as their mobile phone with the SIM card is with them.
  4. We hope this never happens to anyone, but an added security reason for having a SIM tracker is this – if you ever unfortunately find yourself in trouble or dangerous situations, yet are unable to inform your family about it or get help, people will be able to find you by tracking your SIM card location.

Needless to say, we are convinced that a SIM tracker for your SIM card is a necessary software and app for daily life. Without further ado, here is a list of what we think are the top 5 best SIM Card Trackers on the market.

Top SIM Card Gps Trackers – Revealed!

1. mSpy


mspy feature image

mSpy is our personal favourite SIM tracker software. Originally designed for the Windows, Mac, and Android operating systems, this tracker app comes with incredible features and a user friendly control panel. It is a well-known tool to have everything you need for parental control and is used a lot all over the world.

With its feature to monitor calls, you will be able to keep track of all information pertaining to calls on the target device SIM card. You will even be able to block calls on the target smartphone from any unwanted number on the phone, as it has an Incoming Calls Restriction feature.

For text messages, they have a feature that allows you to trace every message sent and received from the target device SIM card to any other number. Furthermore, it has a feature called Read Messaging Apps that will let you read messages and see photos or videos files sent on multiple other apps, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, etc.

People say that the mSpy geofencing function comes out top for parental control. Geofencing basically allows you to set the boundaries of the location where your child is allowed to go – you will instantly receive a notification if they go to any further location. GPS location tracking for the SIM card location on this app is accurate and excellent, with the location information and details displayed on the app user panel in real-time.

The mSpy SIM tracker app includes a feature to monitor internet activity on the target device, which includes allowing you to track all emails and website browsing information. You will receive comprehensive data reports on all activities on the target device while being able to remotely access it at any time.

One of the best things about mSpy is its excellent and live customer support if you ever run into problems while using this tracker for phone SIM card, and you will be able to save the IMEI number.


There are three plans offered by mSpy, and pricing differs depending on whether you use Android or iOS cell phone, and which version of this SIM trackers you require. It is compatible with all mobile network providers, and account creation is easy, merely requiring email address and mobile number. 

Plans start at just $29.99 per month, making this SIM trackers apps perfect for those on a budget. The cost may be up to $69.99 per month, depending on how many SIM cards you intend to monitor and how many months you subscribe for – you can choose either 1-month, 3-months or 12-months.

2. Hoverwatch 


Hoverwatch Feature Image

Hoverwatch is a very simple and easy to use SIM tracker tool which is designed for the Windows, Mac, and Android operating systems. The stealth mode of this application allows you to track the target device while staying completely invisible, and also save the IMEI number in case it is your own lost phone (or a thief) you need to track. 

You can use Hoverwatch to keep track of all incoming and outgoing messages and calls of any android target device. It also lets you view the MMS messages along with the images that are incorporated in them very easily. Moreover, it even gives you the liberty to record the SMSs and Calls for future reference. 

You will get to view email account details including the email address and password saved on the device, and will receive info when the person change password or phone number associated with the account. All this information and data will appear seamlessly on the user panel in order for you to track the target device accurately. 

Though this particular SIM tracker app was mainly created for the purpose of parental control, it has since upgraded into an app with many added features to use, such as Whatsapp tracking, monitoring website history, monitoring camera/photos/videos files, track location check-ins, and monitoring activities on all account on social media platform.

The Hoverwatch SIM tracker also has a geo-location feature which will allow you to always know the target smartphone SIM card location – even when the regular location GPS tracker is not available. The user control panel will display all information pertaining to the SIM card location of the target device.

Hoverwatch has a really impressive android screenshots feature. You will be able to secretly take screenshots of any activity performed on the target SIM card, saving the screenshots into a cloud storage, whereby you will again be able to access it whenever you need to.

Thanks to a ‘detect SIM card change’ function on this best SIM tracker, you will instantly receive a notification if they change the SIM card on the target device or tablet. 


Hoverwatch offers three plans: Personal (1 device), Professional (up to 5 units) and Business (up to 25 units). The Business option exists because this SIM card tracker is used by companies to monitor their employees. 

Prices range from $24.95 per month to $499.95 per month, depending on the type of plan and duration that you need. It is compatible with all mobile network providers. 

All three plans offer the option of 1-month, 3-months and 1-year for use of all features. 

3. Spyic


Spyic is a tracker application for SIM cards initially designed for the iOS and Android operating systems. It contains features that are incredible not only for SIM tracking, but for all other aspects of parental control and remote monitoring of target device or smartphone activities.

The SIM card location track feature on the Spyic SIM track applications works via GPS and will enable you to track and monitor the live location of the target device SIM card based on the network provider service. 

You will also be able to track and monitor all the SIM card-related activities on the target smartphone, including SMS and MMS through the message monitoring feature, all contacts and phone number saved on the device. Furthermore, you will be able to save the IMEI number to track your lost or stolen mobile phone or smartphone.

The Spyic SIM card application also comes with a powerful geofencing feature. It will show you info when the person or user you are tracking has exceeded the permissible area allocated.

Other than physical limits, you will also be able to set boundaries on websites and view browser history remotely. Spyic enables you to monitor all images taken on camera, conversations that take place on any social platforms, accounts and password including password change will be accessible as well.  


The Spyic SIM tracker for cell phone plans have different pricings for Android smartphone and iOS smartphone. This SIM card location tracker is compatible with all mobile network providers and network operators.

The coverage ranges from $33.99 to $999.99, and the actual price depends on the type of device and duration of your subscription, which may be 1-month, 3-months or 12-months.

4. Spyzie


Spyzie Feature Image

Spyzie is a well known SIM card tracker tool. It is available on Android and iOS devices. Specific to SIM card spying and tracking are the accurate GPS location tracking of the target device SIM card location by tracking the target device phone number. 

You will also be able to track all other messaging information and call activities sent via mobile network, track internet usage of the person, know when the person has changed cell phone or tablet password, as well as view photos and videos in the target phone regardless of what mobile network provider the target device SIM is on. 

However, Spyzie on the whole is a more basic app with not as many features as the other SIM card location tracking tools mentioned above. 


You do not need to jailbreak your iPhone to use the Spyzie app, and you also do not need to root your phone or Android and iOS devices in order to track SIM card location. Installation steps and account creation are quick and simple to use.

As mentioned, it is compatible with all phone or devices and all mobile network providers. 

The Spyzie app for Android and iOS users are available in two editions – Ultimate and Pro. 

Prices range from $39.99 to $69.99 depending on what mobile device and account plan or version you use.



XNSpy Feature Image

XNSPY provides easy access to both Android and iPhone to track SIM card location as well as other mobile phone monitoring purposes.

With no need to root or jailbreak the phone, XNSPY makes SIM card location tracking easy, and users will also be able to track call logs, track and read all email conversations on the device, track internet usage, track website search history, track social media activities, and the like.

Of course, in addition to basic cell phone activity monitoring, XNSPY also has features such as geo-fencing for optimum parental control and child safety.

All in all, XNSPY is a simple to use phone and device SIM card location tracker which will provide you with the information you need on someone else’s device. A bonus point is that they have great 24-hour customer support.


XNSPY is compatible with all Android as well as iOS devices, differing only slightly in the feature available.

For the iPhone user, one thing to note is that jailbreaking requirements also differ according to version.

They have two plans for your phone – the Basic plan and the Premium plan. Pricing starts at $49.99 per month.

Both the Basic plan and Premium plan have licenses available for 1-month, 3-months and 12-months.

Conclusion – Top App to track the exact location of a sim card

I would go with mSpy just to play safe. Plus, the price is pretty affordable and you have other advance features to play around which gives you the ability to track and spy on more activities and platforms.

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