Enpass Review (2023): Just The Basics You Need

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Enpass is a password manager with basic features. It is suitable for home and individual use. However, for business owners will find that there is nothing much Enpass can offer them.

It is said that the desktop app works pretty good and has a very customizable password generator. It lets you save all types of secure data – anything from passwords, financial information, and more.

If you are looking for something that is more advanced, then Enpass is not the right password manager for you. It isn’t exactly the most customizable password manager.

Company Background

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Enpass is a cross-platform password management app to securely store passwords (and other private information) in a virtual vault locked with a master password. It is developed by Sinew Software Systems Pte Ltd and runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, and Android among others.

Unlike most popular password managers, Enpass in an offline password manager. It does not store any passwords or user data on its servers but on their own devices instead.

Users can also choose to synchronize their data between different devices using their preferred cloud storage services like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud, and WebDAV.


Before settling for any password manager software, you will want to consider the criteria. We have put together a short list of criteria for you to consider before getting that software. Here they are.

Features Available

You will obviously be looking at the features available in a password management software. Some password management software have a lot of features that sometimes you either don’t know how to use, or have no use for them.

At the same time, sometimes some password management software have too little features that it doesn’t do for much. Sometimes as a password management software, it does not even cover the most basic feature of protecting your passwords.

Software Setup

When you have decided which password management software to go for, you may want to consider how easy it is to set it up. Some are pretty straightforward, some are a complicated maze for you to solve.

Find you one that isn’t just simple to setup, but also one that isn’t difficult to figure out and run beyond setting it up.


What is a password manager app if it does not protect your passwords and private data securely? Surely the security is one of the leading reasons why people choose any password management software.

We’d tell you here and now that almost every password management software have been through some kind of hacking or safety attacks before. It should be expected as it is almost normal to expect one.

The best way to know if a software have bounced back and got over an attack is to see what measures it have taken in order to contain the threats. That and the fact that if any users’ data have been compromised during the attack.

Customer Support

Customer support is important when you are seeking help and assistance if your software have run into problems that you cannot solve yourself. Some companies have pretty good FAQ sections to help you troubleshoot all your problems on your own, some others do not.

At the same time, we should also mention that not every software have a live webchat readily available for its users. If that is the case, check if they have a hotline or an email address where you can reach out to them for help.

Some software have a forum where you can read up on all the solved issues from other users. This is a good way to help you find out how to solve the problems related to your software.

Plans and Pricing

Obviously the other most important thing you should consider is the plans and pricing available. Not every password management software is free (or have free versions available). Also, not every software are paid.

If you have found one that suits you, it may not be within your budget. There are many facets you will want to look into when choosing a password management software, the plans and pricing is definitely one of them.

Enpass: What It Offers

Now that we are settled with the criteria, we can now move on to what Enpass provides for its users.

Features Available

People who have used Enpass before said that it does what it does nicely, but it does not do a whole lot. It does help you store you password and any information you will like to keep it secure. That much it does.

However, they also have some very cool extra features. As a password manager, it is pretty basic according to a lot of users. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing if it is what you are looking for. It has the basic features all the other competitors have. However it does not go beyond that at all.

The program still stores password (obviously), so you can use it as a “virtual wallet”. Store your bank details here, your credit cards, your personal IDs here.

Enpass can be used in several ways. It can be used as a nicely designed desktop app, a mobile app, and browser extensions for major web browsers.

Browser Extension

When you have downloaded Enpass on to your web browser, you will be given a client. This is weird and odd at the same time if you think about it. When you launch the client, it does something really strange.

On the “Quick Start” menu, it includes a link to install browser extensions. By clicking on it, it takes you to the extension installation page made only for Microsoft Edge. Not everyone wants to use Microsoft Edge.

This is odd in a sense that Enpass claims that it is available on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Anyone would have assumed that Enpass will have a wider selection of browser extensions.

In order to solve this problem, search for “Enpass extension Chrome” online, and add it yourself. It takes 1 click to install. If it is that easy to do, why did the app not include a link to install it?

Other users said you will need to learn your way around the web app before trying anything with the browser extension. The symbols on the app means nothing to a lot of users if they are unable to install it.

However, the really cool thing about the web app that some users like is that you can search for the data you have saved directly.

Password Generator

Enpass has a pretty solid password generator on the web app and the browser extension. However, it is not available on the mobile app unfortunately. Some users said that its password generator is one of the best they have seen, but not the best.

You can set up really solid and strong passwords easily. By using a string of letters and customize the separation character you will like to have. What is even better is that it allows you to decide if you will like the password to be pronounceable or not. Pretty cool feature, right?

At the same time we found out that Enpass’ password generator is pretty customizable too.

Many users said they are very impressed with what Enpass has to offer. The default password (6 words minimum it seems) is pretty strong. Some other password managers’ default password generators are not as strong when compared to Enpass’. This is a huge plus point got Enpass to be honest.

Users have recommended that the unpronounceable option is more secure. It is always more difficult to remember a string of random letters, numbers, and characters anyway.

Password Import

Unfortunately the password didn’t really wow users as it expected. When users signed up, they will immediately be faced with a couple of issues.

Users are unable to import their passwords. There are no options for you to import your passwords despite looking for it everywhere on the client.

However, another user said he has found the import password option, but with a downside. You may be able to import other passwords from other password managers. However, you will have to do so with a CSV.

That is pretty inconvenient in all honesty because if anyone wanted the hassle of a CSV, they would have imported from a CSV.

Password Audit

This is another really good feature of Enpass, but unfortunately it did not go far enough. As you save your data – logins, financial information, and other important data – the password audit will judge you for your logins as you go.

This is a good feature in a sense that you do not have to audit your passwords yourself. Enpass does it for you and alerts you when needed.

However, it does not go as far as some other password managers like LastPass or Zoho Vault. Both gives you a very detailed overview of what is not secure about your password. Even 1 click auto-generates a new password for you from the password audit.

Enpass does not. It just waits for you to change it yourself.


This may seem like a trivial feature, but we can assure you that some people are unhappy that it does not have this feature.

The autofill feature does exist technically. However, it does not automatically fill up as you will expect it to do. Try surfing a few sites and expect it to automatically capture your data. And then expect it to see it nicely displayed on the dashboard.

It does not autofill as mentioned previously. It turns out in order for you to have the autofill turned on, you will have to manually fill in your details on its client. Which is going to be painstakingly long as you will have to fill it in for every online accounts you want to have autofilled.

Password Sharing

You can choose to share password if you want to, and Enpass lets you do it. You can do this from both the desktop and mobile app. Go to the chosen login, and choose the “sharing” option.

You will then be asked to send your sharing key for encryption purposes, but you will need to set one up first. Do it by going to Settings -> Security -> Pre-Shared Keys. Once you have set 1 up, you will be asked about which information you will like to share.

2 Factor Authentication

Enpass’ web app does not use 2 factor authentication (2FA) unless you choose to upgrade. It allows you to lock your device, however, but some users may be wary of the lack in 2FA.

Some users mentioned how there is an odd way to set up 2FA from Google’s authenticator. In all honesty, a lot of users tried to work it out how to do it. And it has taken them a long time to try, and ended up not setting it up.


The desktop and mobile apps both look good and clean on theory. There is a really clean and nice search bar on top of the dashboard to allow you to find stored logins easily.

However, the syncing options and the password importing options are just ridiculous and wastes your time. This is not an easy 1-click install and import feature you get on Dashlane. This is something far less sophisticated.

When you set up, you will need to set up a master password. It will let you know how strong your master password is, and gives you some suggestions to make it stronger.

It will still let you go ahead and use a weaker master password even, if you choose to. Some other password managers won’t allow you to use a weaker password, but Enpass does.


Enpass uses a master password to control the entire program. Even if it is secured by a weak password. As there is no real 2FA authentication other than if you managed to set it up or buying the premium version. The premium version gives you the option to authenticate with Windows Hello.

However, on the mobile app you can set up a biometric fingerprint. It is easy enough to set up but beyond that there really isn’t anything.

The lack of 2FA is alarming to some users and can lead to some tricky situations. There is nothing preventing unauthorized logins but your master password. There is also no notifications if someone tries to log into your Enpass desktop or mobile app.

Some users are not that enthused or impressed with the lack of 2FA somehow.

Customer Support

Enpass has a good FAQ, forum, and user manual on its website. However, there is no live support. If you have ever found yourself at a lose end, you will have to email its customer support.

Enpass does have a customer care hotline. Users said when they called the number, it is found that it is outsourced to a support centre in India. The downside to calling the customer support care line is that the staffs do not give you direct support for Enpass.

The good news is that the forum is very active itself. Users are able to find help here in the forum itself.

Plans and Pricing

You can buy an Enpass package by paying a 1-time fee to get a few extra features across desktop and mobile. Keep in mind that the mobile device does not sync with the desktop app.

It is quite possible that you will have to make 2 separate purchases here.

The free version gives you 20 data entries to store – but only on its mobile app. However, the desktop app’s premium features is enough to make anyone want to upgrade.

Our Verdict

We can say that we like Enpass for the basic features it offers. After all, it isn’t a bad program. However, it is definitely the best of its kind on the market.

However, we do not like it how you will have to pay for 2 separate packages and versions of the same app just for 2 devices. Which, in the end, wouldn’t even sync together. For that much, we are pretty disappointed in.

On the other hand, the customer support response is pretty fast and personal. To top it off, the password generator is very good too.

The bottom line is that Enpass works pretty well for individual users who do not need much from their password managers. So there’s that to say.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Q: Is Enpass secure?

Enpass uses the same AES-256-bit encryption as other password managers to safeguard your data on your device or in a 3rd party cloud server. Enpass does not host any of your data and it is something that may appeal to security-conscious users.

Q: Can I trust Enpass?

Yes, you can trust Enpass. It is perfect for people who wants to ensure all theirpasswords are stored locally. If there is never any need to trust Enpass to store your passwords on its servers, that is.

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