Highster Mobile Review (2023): Effortlessly Secure

Highster Mobile is another leading spy app available in the market. Like its peers, it offers quite a wide range of monitoring features for a competitive price. So far users have reported back that Highster is the cheapest spy app on the market that fulfills many of the basic spy app features people are looking for. In fact, it’s ranked quite highly in our top lists of the best spy apps.

It didn’t matter if you are a parent or an employer, Highster Mobile have packages customized around your needs. You can even use Highster for your own personal needs.

Although the app specializes as a spy app for mobile phones, it does not mean you cannot use it on computers. Highster is readily available on computers too.

Company Background

Highster Mobile is an American-made spy app. Based in New York, it works towards serving your every spying needs and wants.

iOS Compatibility

Highster Mobile is available on Android phones that runs on iOS2.1 and up. It can work on rooted and unrooted phones.

It also works on iPhones if you are using iPhone 5 and up. It works on all iPads. Take note that you are unable to use Highster Mobile on a jailbroken iPhone and iPad as it will not work.

App Features

You can expect much from Highster Mobile for what it can do, despite being the cheapest option available on the market among its peers. Don’t be fooled by the price. What comes as cheapest does not mean it’s not able to work well.

Its features are straightforward and easy to comprehend. That being said, it offers quite a competitive range of features for its users.

Track Messages

Like its peers, it tracks every text messages and logs it – even if the texts on the target’s device are deleted. Anyone knows how text messages are very popular among young people and employers. If you fear how your kid may be sending lewd messages, or how your employees may send company P&C info to competitors, this will be a great feature.

Do note that tracking messages extend to messages sent via social media apps – Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. If you are tracking iPhones, you can track the iMessages in full too.

Social Media Tracking

Track your target’s social media presence using Highster Mobile. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, and many other social media usage. If you are worried about your target mishandling their social media presence, this spy app allows you to do that.

You don’t just have to track what your target does on social media. Social media tracking isn’t just meant for that kind of usage. You can also track the number of hours invested in using those apps.

Track GPS Location

Highster Mobile comes with GPS location tracking where it allows you to track your target’s location. Your target’s location and position will be uploaded in periodic and regular intervals via Google Maps. This makes it easier for parents and employers to track where their targets are.

This GPS monitoring feature helps parents find out where their children are, just in case they were abducted. Alternatively, if your child’s phone is lost you can check the GPS location of the said phone to find out where it was “lost” at.

At the same time, many employees claim to be busy on official work when they spent time on personal causes. The GPS tracking feature assists employers to determine if their employees are legitimately on official work.

Although the GPS tracking feature may help you find out the location of your target, it should not be taken as 100% accurate what they are doing at the location. It should be taken with a bit of context what your target is doing at that location. Users should not exaggerate the location for reactions.

Live Control Panel

Every spy app you see in the market has a control panel. Which one doesn’t have? Of all the numerous mobile applications out there, Highster Mobile built its reputation as a sophisticated yet user-friendly choice. As it has made its app so user-friendly, you can learn how to navigate the app in no time.

Its live control panel makes it really easy for you as a user to access all details regarding the target phone. Even though it has a really easy and straightforward control panel navigation, you can also choose to have advanced settings for your logs, time triggers, display options, and many more.

Tracks Photos and Videos

All photos and videos taken, received, and viewed on your target’s phone are recorded and viewable. Whatever content your target is viewing on their devices you are able to track and view.

Worry less about what your children are viewing on the internet. Set your concern less if you think your employee hasn’t been doing their job, or have been watching videos not relating to their work. Highster Mobile helps you in rooting out all the bad contents your target has been viewing on their devices.

Call Tracking

Call logs are very powerful source of information and evidence and this feature is one of the most important features Highster Mobile can offer. This spy app’s call log monitoring feature logs the numbers, the incoming and outgoing calls, duration of call, and time stamp. It makes it easy for you to refer and keep track.

Seeing the list of incoming and outgoing calls from your target’s device is the most basic expectations of a spy app’s application.

Browser and Web Tracking

As a parent, you want to keep track of your kids’ web and browser activities. You want to keep track of what they are viewing online, much like what you want to know what videos they are viewing online.

As employers, you’d want to know if your employees are truly doing their work even when they are at their assigned computers. You want to make sure they are not wasting time visiting trivial pages that don’t help contribute to their work.

Browser tracking is made to track that. With this browser tracking feature you can block certain unhelpful and red-flag sites. You can catch your kids or your employees red-handed with all necessary details related to their browser search history.

Stealth Camera

This is, so far, Highster Mobile’s most popular feature. While you are using Highster Mobile you just need to initiate the camera to click images and take pictures of the surroundings. This soy app doesn’t just take images and pictures, it also makes it possible for you to view them online or with your phone.


Keylogger simply means a computer program that records the keystrokes made by a computer or device user. This helps you learn what the target user has been typing, or where have they been lingering online.

Highster Mobile allows you to record all keystrokes users type using their Android phones.

How to Get Started?

It’s pretty straightforward to get started with Highster Mobile. Follow the steps below for a smoother installation process.

Step 1 – You will first need to buy one of their packages from their official website. You can choose between 2 plans offered to you – basic plan and pro plan. The basic plan offers most of the basics whereas the pro plan offers more diversified features.

Step 2 – Once you have made your payment, you will receive instructions on how to install the spy app you want to track. The app uses the OTA (over the air) method to download and install the app to the phone you want to monitor.

However, you do need to have access to your target’s device you want to track in order to root the app. Once the app has been downloaded, launch it (the one on your phone) and enter your target phone number, and activate it using your license key (given to you via email upon purchasing the packages).

Step 3 – Once your spy app has been downloaded, you can access the device via your Highster Mobile control panel of choice. It can be from a PC, smartphone, tablet, etc. You will be able to access call logs, text messages, contact list, etc., to your heart’s content.

You don’t have to worry if your target will find out if you have installed a spy app on their phone. Once the spy app has successfully been downloaded to your target device, it is hidden from view. No one will be able to see the spy app icon. They will not be able to search for it.

Step 4 – As you have finalized everything, you can start monitoring your target devices.

Please keep in mind that Highster Mobile will not work on jailbroken iPhones. Once it is jailbroken, it will be very difficult for you to install the app into your jailbroken iPhone.

Package Pricings and Rates

Highster Mobile only offers 2 packages, so it shouldn’t be too hard for you to decide on one.

  • Basic Package – USD$29.99
  • Pro Package – USD$69.99

This is a one-time payment. Once payment is done, you can start setting up your Highster Mobile app.

Spy App – Is It Legal?

If you are concerned as to if it is ethical to use spy apps or not, check your country’s laws about spying, privacy and stalking. Such laws differ from countries to countries, regions to regions. Don’t assume if it is legal in one region, it will be in other regions.

You do have to keep in mind, however, that it is illegal to install monitoring app on a phone you do not own. If you have no permission to monitor or do not own the device, you have no legal rights to purchase this product.

Otherwise, if it is all right to track someone, especially if it is your children, your siblings, or your spouse it should be all right. It generally is considered acceptable to do so in your own discretion.

Customer Support

If you have any issues with this product or need any kind of assistance, you can seek help from Highster Mobile’s customer support team.

To get help from Highster Mobile customer support you can get in touch with one of their officers via phone or email. They are available 24/7 and are ready to help you.

You can also open a support ticket if you have any technical issues with Highster Mobile. The support ticket is accessible via their official website under the “Support” tab.


Highster Mobile is made for those who have moderate spying needs for a more affordable price. If you are looking for a spy app that offers most of the spying features, but don’t want to pay premium price for it, this is your choice.

It’s good, especially for parents who wants to keep track of their children’s online activities. Furthermore, with just 2 packages it offers, it should be fairly understandable Highster Mobile intends to keep this product not too hard to choose.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are some frequently asked questions.

Q: Do I have to reinstall the application if the target telephone has changed its number?

No, you do not need to reinstall the application if the number has been changed.

Q: How long is the software good for?

There are no time limits to the software. It is good and will continue to run as long as you are using it on a compatible device. If any problems arise, you can always contact Highster Mobile’s customer support team for assistance.

Q: How many devices can I monitor with the software?

One active license key enables you to monitor one device only. If you want to monitor more devices you will have to purchase new license keys. Each license key has to be purchased separately.

Q: Can Highster Mobile be installed remotely?

As mentioned before, you will be unable to install the app remotely and will need the target device for 2-3 minutes. Mind you, this is only applicable to Android phones and not Apple products.

Once the app has been installed on Android phones, you won’t need the possession of the phone any longer. The next time you need the Android phone is when there is an app malfunction, or when the monitored phone requires the app to be reinstalled.

Apple devices, on the other hand, does not require you to have physical access to the device. You can monitor the download and installation remotely provided you have the Apple ID and password of the Apple device. Access is required if 2FA is enabled on the Apple device.

Q: Does the target phone need internet? And where will the information received from the target phone go to?

The target phone does not need to have internet service for the application to work.

You can receive information collected from the target device to any email address you specified. Alternatively, you can have it sent to your cell phone or online web account. Nevertheless, you will have instant access to all information collected by the spy app.

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