How To Tap Someone’s Phone Without Touching It in 2023

How to tap someone's phone

In today’s technological era, a mobile phone has become a necessity to stay in touch with everyone close to us. However, a mobile phone can quickly turn dangerous since it leaves the user vulnerable to all kinds of danger and harm on the internet. This is especially true for kids or teenagers, which is why it may be a good idea to tap someone’s phone to monitor their phone activity.

But how can you tap someone’s phone without them knowing? There are actually many apps available online that let you monitor someone’s phone remotely. In our guide today, we will present you with a few methods to track someone’s phone. The best part about the phone monitoring solutions here is that you do not need any technical expertise to make it work. They can be used by anyone on someone’s cell phone without the target person knowing.

How to Tap A Cell Phone Without Touching It

If you’ve googled how to tap a cell phone, you’d know that most applications will require you to have physical access to the mobile phone for installation. However, you can actually tap a cell phone without touching it if the person is using an iPhone. Fortunately, software like mSpy lets you spy on the phone without jailbreaking or rooting the iPhone. All you need is to have the iCloud login credentials for you to instantly tap a cell phone without touching it.

How to Tap Someone’s Phone – The Tapping Apps List

Tapping a target device will require you to install an app or software that can help you keep track of all mobile phone activities remotely. Here are a few app suggestions that you can consider to help monitor a target device:

1. mSpy – The Best Phone Tapping Solution

If you’re looking for an effective call tapping service, then mSpy has got to be on the top of your list as they’re a leader in phone monitoring solutions that provide you access to a wide range of data on a cell phone without alerting the target.

Since it was established in 2010, mSpy has quickly grown to be the most popular and well-known surveillance software that gives information such as phone calls, social media activity, instant messengers tracking, locations, and much more. It also runs in the background in complete incognito mode.

Not only is mSpy a reliable, easy-to-set-up app that’s available for both iOS and Android devices, but the app also provides users clear analysis into their smartphone activity. All recorded data are uploaded into a cloud server where you can gain access through the web-based dashboard from a computer or mobile.

This highly-rated phone monitoring software has quite a comprehensive list of functionalities such as giving you relevant phone information such as:

  • mSpy software version
  • Battery life
  • Operating systems
  • Memory space available
  • Cellular service provider
  • Phone model
  • The last time it was synced

One of the most popular and widely used features offered by mSpy is its website tracking and blocking feature that will help you spy on your target’s browsing history and webpages that were bookmarked. While mSpy’s blocking feature works effectively on Chrome, Safari, or native Android browsers, it does not work with third-party browsers like Opera.

You can also tap a cell phone with mSpy to spy on all incoming and outgoing calls from the cell phones. You even get to see their call times, duration, details stored in their contacts, and the number of calls made to that number. An interesting feature that mSpy lets you do are that it can block specific numbers or contacts from making incoming calls and even block all calls within a specific curfew window.

mSpy also can help you spy on all incoming and outgoing text messages through cell phone tapping. Just like the call log, the surveillance software can help you retrieve all sent and received text messages, even those that have been deleted by the phone owner. Additionally, mSpy also gives you access to all email messages from their dashboard where you can see all sender/recipient, email timestamp, and the content of the email itself from the cell phone without touching it.

You also get access to the contact details saved in the mobile phone like the names, phone numbers, email addresses, and more from your online dashboard. The calendar events and schedules stored on the mobile phone will also be synced online so that you’re aware of any scheduled meetings or tasks.

Another popular feature of the spy app is its GPS tracking capability by using the target device’s GPS tracker system to know the person’s location. Furthermore, the spy app tracks and draws out the route history of the cell phone without touching it. With the geofencing capability, you can set up an unlimited number of restricted zones for the target phone. The spy app will send you a notification when the phone you’re tapping is wandering off to a restricted zone.

Aside from tracking phone calls and text messaging via phone tapping, mSpy can help you check messages sent through social media apps like Skype, Whatsapp, iMessage, Viber, Snapchat, Line, Telegram, Tinder, and Google Hangouts. You also get to see a list of all installed apps on the mobile phone with the option to block or unblock specific phone apps.

The mSpy tracking app replaces the default keyboard on the target phone with a mSpy keyboard that has the ability to track all keystrokes. This is a helpful feature to monitor certain language use or to obtain login credentials for those who want to use it to hack an iPhone or Android device.

Getting Started with mSpy

Here’s how to tap a cell phone remotely using the mSpy:

Step 1: Purchase a subscription. Once you’ve completed the purchase process, mSpy will email you your mSpy login name and password within a few minutes.

Step 2: Open the confirmation email from your computer and click on the link provided. This will take you to your control panel dashboard. After you’ve logged in, follow the on-screen installation instructions to install mSpy software onto your target device.

Step 3: Once the software is downloaded, mSpy will start monitoring the device immediately. Simply log into your account to access all monitored data.

Installing mSpy on Android Devices

  1. Before you begin the software installation process, you’ll need to first turn off Google Play Store protection. Here’s how to do it:
    Open Settings on your cell phone
  2. Open the Google tab and choose Security
  3. Choose Google Play Protect
  4. Disable Scan Device for Security Threats

To install the app, follow the steps below:

  1. Open browser and select Incognito Mode
  2. Copy and paste the link received by mSpy’s email
  3. Draw the shape provided in the box and download the file
  4. Go to File Manager in your target device and open Downloads
  5. Find the apk file and click on it to start the installation

Setting up the mSpy app:

  1. Read and accept the License Agreement
  2. Tap on Prevent Uninstall button
  3. Allow Keylogger Tracking. If you’re redirected to Accessibility, scroll down to Framework Update Service and turn it on.
  4. Allow collecting data. If you’re redirected to Usage Data Access, scroll down to Update Service and turn it on.
  5. Decide whether you want to hide or keep the mSpy icon or app icon on your target device

To complete the step, open your Control Panel from your computer or mobile device, fill in your target’s info, and choose the target OS. The app will then send you a Registration Code which you’ll need to key in to activate mSpy. After you press the Finish button, go to mSpy and use your username and password to log in to your account. You can now start spying on your device remotely!

Here’s how you can tap an iPhone with mSpy:

Step 1: Get a mSpy subscription plan for iPhones. The company will email you your login credentials after you finish the purchase.

Step 2: Log into your mSpy account with the username and password provided. For tapping an iPhone, enter the iCloud credentials of the target during the setup process.

Step 3: You’ll be directed to the setup successful screen once configuration is completed. Then click on the ‘Start’ button to go to your dashboard and begin tapping the target device.

That’s a great headstart on how to tap a cell phone effortlessly. However, if you want an app on the target phone that can help you tap into their phone calls without them knowing, then Spyic is a trustworthy and reliable solution for mobile phones. It works in stealth mode for 100% discreet operations and comes second on our list today.

2. Spyic – The Best App to Tap a Cell Phone

Spyic was founded by a team of experienced IT researchers, strategists, and designers with a mission to create the next generation of real-time tracking tools for parents and employers to feel at ease. The company offers one of the best digital security and cutting-edge technologies on the market that comes with a plethora of spy features and abilities.

The Spyic phone tapping app features a very intuitive user interface that’s easy to use by many. The app is also powered by AI to easily track social media activities, call logs and messaging, live location, history browsing, and various activities from a remote location.

Top Features

  • Powerful keylogger facility
  • Web-based interface
  • 100% stealth mode operations
  • Geofencing ability
  • Text messages and phone call tracking

Other than the spy features, Spyic has an excellent reputation around the globe for its customer support that is always ready to answer any question or difficulty you may experience with their service or products. You can always email them at and expect a response within 48 hours.

3. ZoSearch – The Best Reverse Phone Number Look-Up Service

What if you don’t have access to the target phone or if you don’t have their iCloud credentials? Want to know how to tap a cell phone with just a phone number? This is where ZoSearch steps in to help you tap a cell phone with just their phone number. The website is backed up with Norton’s – a popular antivirus company – security and comes with top-notch encryption services for maximum security. This means that you can rely on this service for both personal and professional applications without worry about data stealing.

The website offers you a 100% discreet reverse phone number and address look-up facility that also makes a good option for a reliable email reverse look-up. With this, you can easily find details about where the person is staying and get to know whether where they are is safe or not.

Top Features

  • Detailed information look-up facility.
  • Instant white pages searches.
  • Trusted by millions across the world.
  • Backed by a top antivirus company that safeguards your personal data during the process.

4. FlexiSPY – Another Alternative that Can Tap a Cell Phone

Flexispy is a phone spying app that lets you enjoy advanced functionalities without needing to root the Android phone or jailbreak the iPhone. Some of the advanced features offered include call recording, photo and video capturing, and listening to surrounding sounds. The app also has standard functionalities like SIM card change notification, keylogger, and access to call logs.

One particularly interesting function is its ability for tapping into mobile phones to begin listening or recording surrounding sounds at any time. The software even accesses the camera on the target phone to record videos from it without alerting your target. This will give you information on what’s happening near the target phone at any time.

The flagship feature of FlexiSPY is their keylogger that records and shows all keystrokes input for all the software where the message or text was typed. Though the spy app works well with cell phones that are not rooted, the surveillance software also works amazingly with a rooted android phone and even opens up room for other tracking abilities.

Top Features

  • Full control on the device remotely
  • Advanced functionalities like Call Recording can be performed without rooting the target device
  • Best Keylogger function
  • Decent web browser tracking
  • Good support services
  • Hide rooting traces for target Android device

5. Cocospy – One of the Easiest Phone Tapping Solution

Just like most spy apps, Cocospy helps you extract all relevant information and even data on phone calls made before installing the app on the mobile device. The same goes for the full contact list on the target cell phone, making this a great app for those who want to monitor someone dear to them.

The spy company understands the importance of getting information on your target’s current location, especially for children, partners, or spouse. And that is why this spy app keeps you updated on their current location via GPS tracking. It even sends you a list of recent locations on where the target was over a specified period of time.

Cocospy also provides users with social media tracking and website history to check whatever has been searched or watched on the internet. However, there were a few reports that the app might not be working well for certain applications. Nonetheless, it has an amazing keylogger feature to keep you aware of every keystroke performed across various software without them knowing.

Top Features

  • Quick data updates from the target phone to the user account
  • The excellent photo tracking feature
  • No rooting and jailbreaking required to tap on the target cell phone
  • Easy installation
  • Decent keylogger

6. Hoverwatch – The Watchful Parents’ Best Friend 

Finally, the last app on our list is Hoverwatch that’s designed for parents to keep a close eye on their children. Hoverwatch provides users with all the necessary features required to stay on top of all their mobile activities.

You get to take instant screenshots of the target device from time to time to stay up to date on any activity that’s being performed on the phone without physical access to it. Screenshots aren’t even the only thing that Hoverwatch captures as it can tap into the phone’s front camera and take photos of the surroundings for you to find out where your child is exactly and make sure they’re not in any kind of trouble.

You can also use the app to read text messages sent via Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, Tiktok, or Viber. You can also see screenshots from their Instagram newsfeed or explore tab, Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat, or any other social app used. The spy app even captures screenshots of pages accessed by the child on the browser.

Overall, Hoverwatch is an excellent choice for tapping into the phone and tracking on every activity happening without them knowing. With this app, you get to figure out who your kid’s best friends are and what they are up to.

Top Features

  • Frequent screenshots from the target cell phone
  • Quick data uploads into your account
  • Flexible app settings that can be easily modified
  • Accurate and clear call recordings and conversation
  • Good app support services

How to Tap Someone’s Phone – Conclusion

Regardless of what the conditions are, tapping cell phones can be a tedious task. Fortunately, there is some tech-driven call tapping software that will help you do the job effortlessly without jeopardizing your activity and identity. Among the software, our top picks would be mSpy, flexispy, and spicy for quick and easy hacking. Hopefully, today’s reviews and recommendations will help those who were on the fence about which app to finally decide which one to go for.

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