Track Someone’s Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing

No one enjoys being a snoop, in fact, some find it extremely disrespectful and invasive, but at times it is necessary to know what is exactly going on when you are away. There are several reasons for you to do so. 

Perhaps your partner is behaving rather abnormal and you are wondering if he is cheating. Maybe your rebellious, older child is creating a concern for you, where you find the need to monitor your kid’s communications with people in the virtual world?

Or perhaps you are simply worried about what your employee is up to when they should be productive during work hours? Regardless of the reason that got you here, there are many apps out there that permit you to secretly monitor someone’s phone without them knowing. 

However, a lot of these apps require that you have access to the target phone for the installation. Here, we are going to have a look at how you can track a cell phone location without the user’s knowledge, and you can do it without the need to install any third-party software.

Do bear in mind that if you want anything more than just location data information, you will have to open up to the option of a spy app like mSpy, which comes with a guide on how to track a cell phone’s location, discretely intercept text messages on all communication platforms, even a Snapchat video.

Here is the list of components of what will be covered in this article:

  • How do you get started
  • The competence of spyware
  • How to use it once the setup is completed
  • How to gain access to read text messages without the cell phone (no software needed)
  • How to discreetly track the location of a phone unnoticed

Track an iPhone or Android Phone Unnoticed

One of the easiest ways to start tracking someone’s phone without the user’s knowledge is to get yourself a spy app with this ability. Many developers have offered a lot of software packages for both the commonly found mobile operating systems, iOs and Android. However, most of the software needs to be installed on the target phone.

Fortunately, there are a few that do not have such a requirement. You do not need to have any sort of access to the target phone, so you will not be caught in the dilemma of thinking when is the best time to install any software either. Realistically speaking, this is easily the ideal way of spying on a user without getting realized.  

Our first choice will remain as mSpy, the app we mentioned. It fits the bill perfectly and you will not need to gain access to the user’s phone like many other apps.  Besides, it is user-friendly so it should be manageable if you are not as tech-savvy. It comes with a list of powerful functions and we will talk about a few of them. Read on to learn about its capabilities!

We understand that tracking someone’s cell phone is relatively easy when you apply the correct tools. Therefore, do not hesitate to explore your options and check out one of the most effective methods available in the market today, for how you will be amazed by the competency of the spyware at the fee you are being charged.

Once you have gotten the app installed and complete the setup, you can proceed to the online dashboard of mSpy to view all of the information you would like. We find that its dashboard is extremely easy to use as you can even monitor multiple phones at one go without any issue. The delivery is smooth and you usually will experience no delay.

In the dashboard, all you need to do is simply pick the information you want to view. The selection bar will be landed on the left-hand side of the screen and you can click on the information that you have taken interest in.  All the relevant data should be displayed almost instantaneously before you. 

The only time there will be a delay in getting information is if the target phone is outside of cell coverage.  Once the phone comes back into a coverage area, the information is immediately updated. For your information, this app is compatible with the latest iOs and Android.

Otherwise, you could use the Find My Phone app that’s free to use in iPhone. The only caveat is that you most likely need access (like a passcode or verification) to be able to track the iPhone user.

Track Someone by Using His Cell Phone Number

This is the option that is seemingly made possible with iPhones because all you need is a software that collects phone location data information from the user’s iCloud account. However, it means you need to be signed in to the iCloud account ie. you need to have access to the user’s cloud. If you are pretty well-versed with iOs, you know that you can access your information from iCloud at anywhere in the world, as long as it is properly synchronized.

While it is absolutely possible to track the iPhone’s location using this method, you must understand that it needs more than just a phone number to complete the process. You may seek out some alternatives but it will require access to the user’s phone. Spy software will require installation, but it allows you to see almost everything stored in iCloud which includes location data, chat history and so much more.

Track A Child’s Cell Phone Without His Knowledge

With the increased cyberbullying sighted in the news, you will naturally grow worried about your children. You would want to make sure they are in a safe space, and it helps when you know what is really going on in their world. You can now keep a close eye on your kids through spyware. You will be able to view their conversations with their friends, checking on the pictures they took and many more.

It is a great tool for you to observe them afar without causing unwanted dramas and tantrums. However, you need to learn to slow down on the surveillance as they grow. Your children will grow more protective of their privacy, just like how you never stop growing protective from them when you know that they are about to be exposed to the harsh reality. You will not want your good intention to strain your relationship with them.

The trick to successfully avoid potential legal problems is that you have to be the owner of your children’s phones. We all know the legality behind spying on a phone that does not belong to you, but you have every single right to install whatever you want on your phone. Therefore, if you legally owned the phone, it will not be an issue to install a monitoring app on your children’s phones without the prerequisite consent from them.

You may be impressed by how developers have designed apps that are specifically for parental usage. Yes, these folks see it as an opportunity to utilize similar technology for the benefit of parents, and it has been relatively helpful for most users who want to keep tabs on their children. One of the famous tools that is highly recommended, TeenSafe will be great for this purpose. Although it does not work exactly like a full-fledged monitoring app, we think that it is a decent solution.

Track Your Partner’s Phone

There are too many reasons why you would want to check on your significant half, and most of the time we understand that it is merely a defense mechanism. Given a chance, nobody wants to be doubtful about their partner, but sometimes, things happen, people lie and people cheat. A tracking app might be able to bring peace to your mind if you intend to make sure your partner is not up to no good.

These tracking tools will permit you to watch the movement of the phone by using its built-in GPS.  The data collected is on an almost real-time basis because you will be able to see the updated location of the phone every few minutes. We were amazed by some of the powerful capabilities such as setting up some geofencing zones. This will allow you to be notified when your partner goes to a specific location. It is impressively efficiency as you will receive the notification within minutes upon their arrival at the specific destination.

​What About the Android Tracking Apps?

There are many Android tracking apps out there that allow you to spy on an Andriod phone user. We would like to recommend the mSpy Advance Surveillance package If you are out seeking greater capabilities such as monitoring all the communication platforms like Facebook Messenger and SnapChat alongside with identifying geolocation, and screening through emails. Just remember that this advanced functionality requires physical access to the target phone.

We have put together a detailed list of what you should have access to when you are using the mSpy app:

  • You can monitor both incoming and outgoing phone calls
  • You will be able to view the full contact list of the target phone
  • You may read all the sent and received SMS text messages
  • You can view the conversations from WhatsApp
  • You will get to see their browsing history
  • You can access the calendar events and notes
  • You may enable the location tracking setting for the device
  • You will able to hack their passwords vault
  • You can even read all the text messages from another phone without the need to install software

I daresay if you are looking for one app that permits you to a cell phone’s location and spy on the text messages on the target phone without installation of any software, mSpy should suffice. At this price point, we would think that you are getting the best bang out of your bucks. If you require a spyware with higher competency, you are better off with something else.

Looking for More Advanced Tracking App?

Check out FlexiSPY if you’re looking at something with the most capabilities you can find on the market today. This app offers incredibly powerful options that we do not see in other software. It is considerably user-friendly for such an advanced app, and it comes with 2 packages: the FlexiSPY Premium and the FlexiSPY Extreme. 

The first has already claimed a spot in the spyware market, but the latter is the option which places it at the top of the industry. The powerful features include call interception, call recording, ambient recording and many more. The app has worked seamlessly when we put it to test and we are happy with such a remarkable product offered by FlexiSpy. You should consider this spyware if you feel like you are more than willing to spend on such technology to access the data you need.


It sounds like these apps are totally unbeatable and there is no way to stop it from doing its job. Let us tell you the flaw behind every single spyware: your data collection will be dependant on the cell coverage. You will experience an unexpected signal loss if the cell phone goes into an area with poor cell coverage. Worry not, the data collection will resume without delay once you are back in the good coverage area.

We understand that you might be concerned over the legality of such act, therefore it is crucial for you to stay away from self-incrimination ie. presenting the illegally sourced data in the court in the case of divorce of custody; If you are using it on your employee, you must make sure he is well-informed; If you are using it on your kids, it is optional for you to get their permission by law, but it would be nice to let them know that owning a cell phone is a privilege.

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