OneSafe Review (2023): Jam Packed With Features

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OneSafe is purportedly one of the best password manager software currently in the market. It marketed itself as “Fort Knox in your pocket”, implying how safe it is for you to use. On top of that, OneSafe comes with a really hefty and price tag, which suggests that the app is premium.

People who have used plenty of password managers before have plenty to say about OneSafe. Read on to find out what we have to say about OneSafe to figure out if it is right for you. See if OneSafe is worth your time and money in this review!

Company Background

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OneSafe is a password management app produced by Lunabee Pte Ltd. Part of the team is based in France, and the other part is based in Singapore.

However, the majority of the team is based in France, and they focus on programming and other finer details to make the app work and look great. They are often looking into the possible future, always looking to improve the app and adding new features to integrate into the app.

The team in Singapore is the marketing and communications team. As a global hub, the Singaporean tram communicates with the entire world. It receives any feedback from Lunabee apps and its users. It also respond to questions and requests from the users.

The end goal for OneSafe from both Singapore and France is to focus on the user experience. They hope to make the user experience the best it can be.


Before we move on, there are some criteria you should look into when choosing a password manager software and app. There are many things a software can and will offer you, but do you know what you really, really want?

Features Available

Obviously first and foremost, the most important thing you should be looking for is the features available on OneSafe. Note that not every feature offered on the software is something that you need or will use.

There are times the features they have are the ones that are paid for. Even if let’s say you did pay for the package, do you really need every feature they have?

Setup and User Friendliness

You will be surprised at how not all apps are made to be user friendly, and has really difficult and complicated setup. Even if it is a premium paying app or software, it does not mean that it is any easier to install and use. Although we can say that a good lot of premium paying software and apps are made to be relatively easy to use for the mass.

At the same time, if you are someone who is not tech savvy, you will want to know if the setup is easy. A complicated setup may be a turn off for many potential clients and users, including you. You may want to check out and do some research about what people have to say about the app.


What is a password management software if it isn’t for its safety? Without the safety and security aspect, your passwords and other documents stored in it may be subjected to theft.

Although a lot of software and apps are made to fight off threats or prevent threats from attacking them, attacks will still happen. There were times where some security software’s security have been compromised.

The bottom line is that you will need to ensure that the app you are using will not sell off your private information and data. At the same time, you may want to know what are the steps taken in the event that an attack happened with the app or software.

Customer Support

Perhaps customer support may not be the top priority in your criteria list. We will, however, still add this here as you may have issues with the software in the foreseeable future.

It is not to say that the software or app is ridden with problems once you have downloaded it or have paid for its services. Although general problems may be rare and can be solved on your own – with some help from reading the FAQs occasionally – you may still want to consult the customer support for any advanced problems.

Plans and Pricing

Of course, last but not least, the plans and pricing of the software or app. When it comes to paid software and apps, it usually are the ones that has more features and services to offer. Paid versions don’t just offer more features, advanced ones or not. Sometimes they may offer priority attention to its premium paying clients.

At the same time, we can also say that the free versions (if any) works good enough for the average person who does not have advanced security needs. If you are those kinds of person, this will work as a very good option for you.

OneSafe: What It Entails

As we are done talking about the criteria part of choosing a password management software, let’s see what it really has to offer to you.

The Features Available

At cursory glance, OneSafe may not be free but it is jam-packed with features for a reasonable price. Although it has a lot of features to offer, there are some issues with it also. One of which is the fact that some of the features they have are made for specific operating systems rather than being a standard feature across all operating systems.

Password Encryption and Storage

As a password management software, it is only natural that it has password encryption and storage features. It will be really odd if a password management feature has no such feature. It will not be considered as a password management feature to begin with.

We can assure you that OneSafe comes with top-notch security as it is encrypted with AES-256 and security precautions. For the record, that means OneSafe is secured with military-grade and world class security. So there is no way you will need to worry about your data getting hacked and stolen.

We can say that the top notch security allows you to create more secure passwords with the assurance that the login details are easily accessible. It will be accessible for you and impenetrable for others. If you fear your private data and information stolen, you need not be as they are highly secured.

Document Storage

On top of having a secure location for your passwords, OneSafe also provides storage for you to keep your personal documents hidden and protected. It is a great option for people who are looking for a diversified solution for data protection.

It saves you the hassle of having to juggle more than 1 app just to manage some of your private data and information. Imaging using a software that offers convenient access in one safe, hence the product name!

Cloud Backup and Sync

As you have downloaded and purchased OneSafe, you will also have access to automatic cloud backup and syncing. When you launch the app, you will be prompted to choose your desired cloud syncing program from CloudKit, iCloud Drive, or Dropbox.

After that your backups will be handled automatically with no further input needed. Obviously, the app will also give you the option to store only the files locally. However, you will need to have access to secure cloud storage – all for no additional charges. That is a pretty good deal in all honesty.

Apple Watch App

It also offers an Apple Watch App as a companion app to the Mac and iOS utilities. If you wish to add a password to your watch, it is extremely easy according to many users. All you have do is to tap the entry on your phone or computer and select “Add to Apple Watch”.

The neat little perk is a big advantage for those who are always busy, as you will be able to access your important information while on the go.

You may not be someone who uses it often, but people who will want to ensure they have critical logins on hand will find this useful. If you are a busy person and forgot to bring your phone with you one day, you can be certain to welcome this additional feature from OneSafe’s impressive line-up of features.

However, this feature is not available on Android smart watches. If you are an Android user and are looking forward to this feature, you will be disappointed by it. It is quite apparent that the developers are more interested in supporting Apple devices somehow.

Universal Spotlight Search

This is another feature that is only available on Mac and iOS.

Spotlight is the Apple exclusibe smart search tool. Onesafe integrates it with your device’s built-in search in order to locate passwords and files easier across various Apple devices.

That means if you have passwords or files stored in the cloud, you will be able to access and download it easily on any of your devices. With cloud syncing, you will not have to worry about adding the files multiple times. If the files are already in your OnseSafe on your Mac, it will also be in OneSafe that is on your iOS device.

All you have to do is to navigate the category you will like to search. Then type your query into the search field to see all applicable entries.

Customizable Safe

OneSasfe is fully customizable in order to fit the layout and colour scheme you want. Which means, you can organise groups in a way that works well for you. Mark the different entries with different flags in order to easily identify at a glance where the relevant login information is located.

A lot of password managers will have a specific way that they organise things by default. A lot of times they do not have the options for you to adjust. However, with OneSafe it gives you the power and freedom to fully adapt it to suit your needs.

Decoy Safe

Decoy Safe is one of the more unique features users seem to like and enjoy from OneSafe. It allows you to set up a fake safe with a fake password. If someone decided to snoop on your device happens to enter the fake password, they will see your decoy safe only. The decoy safe will be filled with fake information and your real details will be safe.

The reason what the decoy safe is so effective and powerful is because hackers often will stop looking for more information once they believe they have found the real thing. By giving the hackers the impression that they have broken through your security and access your personal information, it is less likely they will try to continue to access the real thing.

Password Generation

Let’s say you are signing up for a new service or are just trying to make your existing passwords more secure. The password generation tool included in OneSafe will be your best friend.

All you have to do is to tap on the key icon as you add a new icon as you add a new password. You can generate a long string of characters customised to suit your preferences and that is guaranteed to keep your account protected.

Simply put, OneSafe brings a lot of really good features to the table – out of convenience and a security perspective. It really shows the effort the developers put into the app without sacrificing the user experience.

The only downside to the features is that most of the really cool features are available only on iOS systems. Android users will lose out a lot on the really cool features unfortunately.

Setup and User Experience

Users have mentioned how it is very easy to get things setup and running with OneSafe. That is good to hear if you are someone who is not a tech wizard.

As soon as you have downloaded the app, you will be walked through a process of setting up your master password. You will also get to decide where you will like to store your cloud backups.

As you go through the features on the setup, you will find that each feature has a mini tutorial that teaches you how to use it. It will leave you fully acquainted with all the different parts of the app within a few minutes.

A lot of users said there is really nothing complicated about the app. That does not mean that you will not have any seriously useful features hiding below the surface.

A user said one of the most useful features is the ability to scan a card in order to enter your user information. It’s really useful as it is a really great way to quickly enter financial details.

Another user said he found the Favourites option (at the bottom of the screen) to be really useful. It allows you to “star” the passwords that are most important or used most often. This is so that you will have them all together within 1 screen while keeping them in their appropriate categories for better organisation.

Overall, we do not have anything negative to say about the setup. OneSafe does knock things out of the park for this section.


OneSafe’s security is one of the best, it seems. As mentioned previously, it runs on AES-256 encryption, which is one of the better security systems around. The encryption keeps your information safe from prying eyes.

While you are setting up, you will be given the choice of how you will like to access your account when you open the app. The usual security suspects are there, such as a master password, PIN and biometric authentication.

However, one of the most impressive security features we noticed was the unique Tri-Pin feature. Basically there are the 0-9 numbers like you will use in a traditional PIN. Each number also have an associated symbol and colour.

When you select the button you will like to use, a new menu opens that allows you to choose whether you will like to use the number, colour, or symbol that is currently on that location.

It sounds complicated but it is very smooth and fluid in action. It is a very smooth and fluid solution to creating a login that is more secure than a traditional PIN and easier to remember than a complicated master password.

The only downside to OneSafe is the fact that the 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) does not appear to be available. Otherwise, the app works pretty well on the whole with its implementation of security features.

Customer Support

Users have pretty mixed reviews with OneSafe when it comes to their customer support. The only options to contact the app developers for help is via the report a bug feature on iOS or email support.

Users tried to use the “report a bug” option but the developers came back saying the device is not set up to send emails. The users ended up emailing the customer support and did not get a reply back for almost 5 days. That is considered quite slow compared to many other OneSafe competitors.

Plans and Pricing

There is no free version available on OneSafe. If you are looking for it, or hoping that they have one, you will be disappointed unfortunately. If you are someone who is looking to cut cost on getting a password management software, this will not be a good option.

Our Verdict

We will say that OneSafe is generally made for the person with very advanced security needs for their personal data and information. At the same time, we will also say that OneSafe is made for people who has the money to spend for such security.

However, if you are someone who is looking for a really good password management app or software, then OneSafe is not the one for you. You will be better off using a free one, which you can readily find on the markets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Q: Is OneSafe safe?

OneSafe is generally safe to use. Like some of its competitors, OneSafe uses AES-256 encyption. It is an algorithm that is considered safe and whose reliability has been well researched to keep your data secure. Assuming you do not choose a weak passphrase, it means that the data stored in the vault is well protected from hackers and prying eyes.

Q: Is OneSafe PC Cleaner any good?

OneSafe PC Cleaner is said to be a potentially unwanted program. The application may not pose severe computer security threats. However, it is not reliable enough to keep it on your system. OneSafe PC Cleaner will promise to improve your computer performance. You should know better than that!

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