How to Spy on iPhone Without Apple ID and Password in 2023

There are many reasons for you to feel the need to spy on an iPhone. While there are many articles and websites online that teach you how to spy on an iPhone with the help of iCloud easily, the prerequisites required for this method makes it a little more complicated since you need to know the person’s Apple ID and Password - something not everyone will feel comfortable sharing with you.

Another thing about spying on an iPhone via iCloud is that you’ll need physical access to the target device to get a six-digit verification code if the user happens to activate two-factor authentication. This also increases the chances of getting caught spying on the target iPhone. Fortunately, there are many methods you can adopt to spy on an Iphone without their Apple ID and Password.

Technology has made it possible for you to hack and spy on iPhone or iOS devices without their Apple ID, all you need to do is install iPhone spy apps to facilitate this process. Many of these spy apps are designed to help you keep track of what’s happening on the target device without alerting the target. If this is your goal, then you should continue reading our guide below on how to spy on iPhone without Apple ID and Password.

Reasons to Spy on iPhone WIthout Apple ID and Password

As mentioned earlier, there are many reasons why someone would want to spy on iPhone, three of the most common reasons include:

Parental Control

In this modern era, it is quite impractical to not give your child a smartphone as they need it for communication and online research for homework. However, the internet is a dangerous place and without proper monitoring, your child may be in contact with strangers with ill-intent. They may also experience cyberbullying or get involved with the wrong crowd online. This is why it is important to keep track of what your children are doing on their iPhone.

An iPhone spy app is a great way to help you monitor your child’s online activities on their iPhone without Apple ID and password to make sure that they are always safe. The fact that you can even monitor the target phone without interfering with their activities online helps you keep tabs on them without violating their trust.

Cheating Partner

Another popular reason why many choose to install an iPhone monitoring app is because they feel that their partner is being unfaithful. If your partner started working late or is always on the phone, you may want to get a monitoring app to help you check if they’re involved in a scandalous relationship.

Nobody enjoys being two-timed or cheated on and having evidence will help you decide whether to take steps to end or mend the relationship. Monitoring software are great apps as they give you access to plenty of information such as calls, messages, and even instant messaging via social media apps on iPhone without Apple ID and password. You can even track everything without alerting your partner.

Employee Monitoring

Business owners or managers also often install monitoring software into company devices to monitor employees’ activities. This step can become quite necessary, especially if you have confidential company information and secrets that you do not want shared.

Employee monitoring software can also help you ensure that your staff are doing what they’re supposed to be doing during working hours instead of spending hours scrolling through social media and being ineffective.

Can I Really Spy on iPhone Without Apple ID and Password?

Yes, it is possible to spy on iPhone without Apple ID and password. Common perception is that it’s difficult to spy on someone without an Apple ID and password or that it might even be impossible to do so unless you jailbreak the target device. However, jailbreaking an iOS device may not be possible for a variety of reasons, the most important one being that the target will obviously notice that their phone has been jailbroken. Jailbreaking can also cause potential damage to the iOS device including data loss.

Nonetheless, there is a better way to spy on iPhone without Apple ID and password, and without jailbreaking the device – spying apps. All you need is a few minutes of physical access to the target device to install a spy app and you’re all set to see what’s happening on the Apple device anytime you want.

100% Work on How to Spy on iPHone Without Apple ID and Password

There are many spying apps available online that can help you spy on iPhone but you need to remember that not all spy software are created equal. In our article today, we will talk about the best spying apps that can help you monitor ipHone without Apple ID and password.


The mSpy app is one of the most reliable and easy-to-use iPhone spy apps available that can help you keep track of a target device without their iCloud password. This mobile phone spy app keeps you up to date on everything that’s happening on the target iPhone without physical access. You can enjoy all the spying features without jailbreaking for iOS versions above 9.1.

The company understands how most people use social interaction these days to communicate such as sending messages through Instagram, Telegram, Snapchat, and so on. With the popularity of social media apps, it becomes incredibly easy for your kids or partner to make new friends with strangers online.

Fortunately, mSpy has aText Messages and Call Logs features that keep your target phone under complete surveillance. You can read all SMS messages and even check incoming and outgoing calls. Checking out the Contact list will also reveal all the saved numbers on the device along with the phone number and email associated.

mSpy App Installation

mSpy requires you to install its licensed software into the iPhone and you can only do that on a jailbroken device. If the target iPhone is jailbroken, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Enter the Cydia app from the device’s home screen.

Step 2: Go to Sources > Edit > Add and enter the address to download the mSPy app for iPhone. Tap “Add Source” and “Return to Cydia” once it’s done updating the mSpy source.

Step 3: Search for the “Mtechnology LTD repository” and tap into “All Packages” > “iPhoneInternalService” > “Install” > Confirm mSpy on the iPhone.

Step 4: Once you’re done, the mSpy licensed software will begin downloading automatically. Once the download is complete, tap on “Restart SpringBoard”.

Step 5: Tap on the mSpy icon installed on the target iPhone and Tap on “Continue” > “Accept”.

Step 6: In this step, you get to choose whether you want your mSpy to be visible on the target device or have it hidden in the background. Enter the registration code provided during your mSpy purchase and tap on “Complete Registration”.

Now your iPhone spy app is all set up and you can begin spying on the iPhone without an Apple ID and password by logging into your mSpy online dashboard.


  1. Quick setup process for iPhone without jailbreaking
  2. Can track WhatsApp
  3. Full access to all photos and videos on someone’s iPhone
  4. Ability to block apps for better parental control


  1. Slow updates.


uMobix is another app that lets you spy on iPHone without Apple ID and password, making it a perfect choice for those who do not have the target device’s iCloud credentials or iCloud account. The installing software procedure for uMobix is quite similar to mSpy and you also have the option to keep the app hidden on the target device.

Some of the top key features of uMobix is that the app allows you to spy on numerous data including calls, social media apps, and text messages. It also has a geo-tracking feature that can keep you up-to-date on the real-time location of your target device.

Additionally, the cell phone spying app shows you a list of apps installed on the device and how they are used. For parental control, you also have access to the target device’s web browser history to check what type of websites your child has been visiting.


  1. A clean and easy to use interface.
  2. Can recover deleted data, calls and messages.
  3. Spy on iPhone without the jailbreak.
  4. Quick data syncing.


  1. Constant updates for social chat apps.
  2. No tracking for videos.


This is also another great app that lets you spy on iPHone without Apple ID and password. Cocospy is an amazing iPhone spying app that lets you track various activities happening on your target device. It works secretly in stealth mode on the target phone by sending all the data to an online web portal without alerting the users that they’re being monitored. Cocospy is also a very lightweight app with a low memory footprint, meaning it will not consume too much battery within a short period of time.

Some of the key features of Cocospy include real-time GPS location tracking that’s very accurate. It also tracks SMS messages, social media messages via Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp messages. Not only that, but you get a detailed account of the devic’s call history and browser history.


  1. Highly powerful and reliable tracking app that comes with plenty of features
  2. Works on jailbroken or non-jailbroken devices
  3. Easy sign-up process
  4. Reliable customer support
  5. Real-time GPS location tracking and past location/route history
  6. 24/7 assistance
  7. Value for money for its features
  8. Works in the background without draining the battery


  1. Requires jailbreaking for tracking instant messaging and social media
  2. No free demo

How to Spy on iPhone Without Apple ID and Password for Free

The solutions detailed above are highly effective, but you’ll also need to purchase them to use it. However, if you have a tight budget and prefer to spy on iPhone without paying, then you can consider the following:

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone feature is a great tool that lets you spy on iPhone location without physical access to the device. However, one thing to keep in mind is that this is only useful for checking their location and not other type of data. All you need to do are:

Step 1: Open the “Find My iPhone” app on your iOS device.

Step 2: Sign in with the target’s iCloud credentials and select “All Devices” to choose the iPhone.

Step 3: Tap “Find iPhone” and the licensed software will show you the exact location of your target iPhone.

Find My Friends

Find My Friends licensed software is an alternative method to help you spy on iPhone without access to the device.

Step 1: Open the Find My Friends app on your own device.

Step 2: Tap on “Add” and then select the name and email address of your target device’s owner. Send them a request.

Step 3: Wait for them to accept the request.

This method of spying on an iPhone without their Apple ID and iCloud password is quite limited since you need to wait for them to accept the request and voluntarily share their location with you. This method will also not reveal other types of data other than location.

Conclusion on How to Spy on iPhone Without Apple ID and Password

There are many reasons why someone would want to spy on iPhone without physical access. Be it to supervise your child’s internet usage, checking up on your cheating partner, or for monitoring your employees, there are many different apps online that give you access to all the data you need for effectively checking up on a cell phone without Apple ID.

We hope that today’s article on the many different methods available for you to easily track a target iPhone has proven useful. These apps can give you access to someone’s phone without physical access or their iCloud ID. So, select any of these best iPhone spying apps mentioned in the list above and you can trust that they will do a good job for you reliably.

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