Copy9 Review (2023): Affordable and Versatile

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If you are looking for an affordable and versatile spy app, Copy9 is one of the best choices you can get. Whether you are a parent who wants to monitor your kid, or as an employer who worries a lot about whether your employee does their job or not – Copy9 is readily available just for you.

Copy9 claims to be one of the most affordable spying apps for both androids and iPhones on the market. With its price, installation is effortless and everything is done with just a few clicks and touches on the screen.

With its 100% stealth mode available, it gives you 100% invisibility and secure monitoring. What more, Copy9 readily provides you with 24/7 customer support.

What is Copy9?

Copy9 is an American-based company who are dedicated to making the best phone tracking platforms. The app was created in mind to assist parents and employers to monitor their children and employees respectively on their simplified platform.

As a platform made to be a spy app, the only advice to its users is to make sure you have complete authorization to view all information gotten from your targets and target devices.

Copy9 OS Compatibility

Copy9 is compatible with Android OS4 and up. With Android devices, you have to make sure you have physical access to your target device for installation. Your target device has to be connected to the internet or else you will not be able to monitor your target. Note that if you want to monitor your Android target device’s instant messengers, you will have to root it first.

To determine your Android device’s version, you will have to open your phone’s menu. Tap on “System Settings”. Then scroll towards the bottom.

At the bottom of the page, select “About Phone”. The OS version of your device is shown under Android version.

Despite Copy9 being available on Android OS 4 and up, it is also compatible with all popular devices.

App Features

If you are not a tech whizz, it’s all right. Copy9 is made to be a really user-friendly application. Be it tracking your children’s whereabouts or your employees’ performances, this spy app make sure that you as a user have an unstressed experience.

With a large pool of features (mSpy offers slightly more features though), you can track your target in the background without them knowing. Here are some of its available features.

Text and Call Tracking

Like every other spy app, Copy9 allows you to track texts and calls made from your target’s device.

When it mentions call and text tracking, it isn’t just limited to just tracking SMSes and calls made on the phone. You can also track texts and calls made on social media apps – Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, etc. Note that you also can track iMessages even when the messages have been deleted by the user.

You can record incoming and outgoing calls made on the target’s device. The calls made will be sent to Copy9 on its website. Once it’s uploaded to the website, you can download the audio files saved for later.

Track Contact History

With Copy9 you are able to access and read all contacts in the target device’s address books. This includes telephone numbers stored in the mobile devices.

Call Auto-Answer

Though you can track incoming and outgoing calls, you are also able to make calls to your target phone and automatically be answered. Your target won’t even know that the call has been automatically answered.

Track and Record Surroundings

If your target’s device has internet connection, you can hear the sound from the surroundings your target is at. You can hear it remotely with your computer. Such feature is also called Audio Live or Ambient Voice Recording.

Track and Record App Usage

This basically mean that you can view the application usages on the target’s device. You as a parent or employer are able to see how long your target has been spending on different apps. It may or may not contribute to safety or efficiency.

Sometimes you can see how your target spends a lot of time on social media apps and less on what they should be focusing on. Once you know what apps they spend the longest time on, you can block it remotely.


Keylogger simply means a computer program that records the keystrokes made by a computer or device user. This helps you learn what the target user has been typing, or where have they been lingering online.

Copy9 allows you to record all keystrokes users type on their devices. This is another common feature most spy apps have.

Website Tracking

On Copy9 you are able to track your target’s browser activities. You can track what current websites they visit, as much as you can check their web histories.

As you can check your target’s browser activities and history, you can also block the websites they frequented. If you feel uncomfortable for your child to visit certain websites, or felt your employee have been visiting certain sites for too long, you can block the site for safety and work purposes.

Remote Control

This is probably one of the most interesting feature of this spy app. You can remotely access your target device and send SMS commands for it to do a specific action. Do note that you can only do this via online control panel and not elsewhere.

Alerts and Notifications

You will get alerts and notifications if your target has changed their SIM cards. You will be notified via SMS message to let you know of your new telephone number.

Track and View Notes Contents

Should you be curious enough what notes have been stored on your target device, Copy9 allows you to view all notes stored on the target device. All notes stored on mobile devices will be sent to the server silently to let you view.

With this feature, it is quite possible for you to find out important data such as passwords to social media accounts, and other sensitive data. This is where ethics come in. You should know the difference between what’s right and wrong.

How to Get Started with Copy9

To get started, you will have to check if your device allows you to download this spy app. In order to check if it’s allowed, go to your phone’s “Settings” and click on “Security”. Check “Unknown Sources” as pictured below.

Copy9 steps


At the same time, you may have to “Scan Device for Security Threats”. By doing this, open the Play Store app, tap on “Play Protect”. Then uncheck “Scan Device for Security Threats”. Refer to the images below for your reference.


copy9 steps pt2


By doing this you can be rest-assured no harm will be brought on to your device. With these simple steps you will activate Copy0 on your target device and start receiving information on your dashboard immediately.

Once you have completed the previous steps, here are the steps you should follow in downloading Copy9.



Step 1 – Download the Copy9 application on This has to be done on your Android device’s browser as you won’t be able to get it on the App Store. Once the download is complete, open your notification window and complete the remaining download process from there.

Step 2 – Open and run the downloaded application and follow the steps accordingly. The app is called System Service to be stealthier. If you receive such message it means you haven’t disabled the verification of applications. It’s still ok as you still can choose to tap “Install Anyway” as an option.

Step 3 – Create or register for a Copy9 account. If you already have an account, log right in. If you haven’t had one, choose to register and follow the steps provided.

Step 4 – Once you have registered or logged in, you will have to provide permission. Once you have installed Copy9, your device will prompt the permissions the app needs to be installed. Accept it and Copy9 will be installed automatically.

If you want to monitor your target device without your target knowing, click “hide icon copy9”. If you want the app to show up again, you should call #1234* for assistance.

Step 5 – Once everything is settled and completed, go to and log into your account. From there you can start monitoring all calls, texts, chats, etc.

Package Pricings and Rates

Copy9 offers 3 different packages with different pricings. Each has a different set of features. Probably only Hoverwatch offers the full range of functionalities within the basic plan. Choose one that fits your needs best.Standard Package

  • 1 month: US$21.60
  • 3 months: US$55
  • 6 months: US$88
  • 12 months: US$132

Premium Package

  • 1 month: US$25.90
  • 3 months: US$66
  • 6 months: US$105.60
  • 12 months: US$158.40

Gold Package

  • 1 month: US$30.20
  • 3 months: US$77
  • 6 months: US$123.20
  • 12 months: US$184.80

Spy App – Is It Legal?

If you are concerned as to if it is ethical to use spy apps or not, check your country’s laws about spying, privacy and stalking. Such laws differ from countries to countries, regions to regions. Don’t assume if it is legal in one region, it will be in other regions.

Note that Copy9 was made and designed for legal use only. It’s a smartphone and tablet monitoring software that’s made only to be used as a parental control over their children, and employers to monitor their employees’ devices. If any violation of privacy laws were found out, you are subjected to severe monetary and criminal penalties imposed on the violator.

You do have to keep in mind, however, that it is illegal to install monitoring app on a phone you do not own. If you have no permission to monitor or do not own the device, you have no legal rights to purchase this product. Ask and talk to your target first before you install the app.

Otherwise, if it is all right to track someone, especially if it is your children, your siblings, or your spouse it should be all right. It generally is considered acceptable to do so at your own discretion.

If you still have doubts over spy apps, consult a legal advisor in regards to how you want or planned on using such software.

Customer Support

Copy9 has a 24/7 customer support that is readily available. You can reach their customer support officer via live chat, which is available 24/7. Their agents are more than ready to help you.

You can also send them an email as listed on their website. Alternatively, you can send them a request on their Customer Support section. Any questions, feel free to contact Copy9 and you will receive a response in 48hours.

Verdict – Is Copy9 legit?

Perhaps the best thing about this app is how it offers users 2 days free trial if you are interested in it. You can install Copy9 and use it for 2 days. After 2 days you can choose to commit to the spy app by buying a package.

On top of that, you may not be able to track some of the social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram. Those apps are simply not supported on Copy9 monitoring.

Also to mention, Copy9 is more focused on Android devices rather than Apple devices. If you are an Apple user and wish to choose this spy app, I’m afraid you will be losing out on a lot of the apps. It may not even work that well on your iPhone.

In short, as an iPhone user, you will have very limited features if you were to choose Copy9. Nonetheless, if you are an Android user, this app will work really well on your devices as it is made with Android users in mind.

For a spy app, it works pretty well. Some users online came back saying how they are really satisfied with the spy app. It provides many of the basic features a spy app should have. Hence, this is an easy and affordable choice for those who wants it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some frequently asked questions.

Q: Can I use Copy9 on iPhones?

Yes, you can use Copy9 on iPhones, but you will have very limited features. Although you can use Copy9 on iPhones, your iPhone has to be jailbroken in order for you to be able to use it.

Q: Can I track multiple devices with Copy9?

Yes, you can track multiple devices with Copy9 simultaneously.

Q: Do I need to have physical access to the target device or tablet I want to monitor?

Yes, you will need to have physical access to the target or tablet you want to monitor. You will need to install Copy9 on your target’s device in order to start monitoring the activities. It is impossible to use or install Copy9 on your target device remotely otherwise you will not be able to monitor.

One thing for sure is that you don’t need the physical target device to be in close proximity before you can start monitoring. All that you can do it remotely. Just make sure Copy9’s icon is kept hidden from view.

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