How to Find Out If Someone Is Cheating for Free

We understand that you would not resort to spying on your partner’s phone if you are well-assured. Now, you noticed the strange behavioral change of your partner and the situation is worsening, or the person has a history of being dishonest with you, maybe it is the time to trust your intuition and be ascertained with the fact that your partner is up to nothing. You just need to know, rather than constantly convincing yourself that this is just you overthinking.

The quick takeaway is to use a spying software so you can do many things including intercepting live calls, reading all text messages across all platforms and many more. I’ve put together a list of the top paid spy apps in the market, you might want to check it out.

There are many more reasons which could possibly trigger you to keep tabs on who your partner is frequently texting to, what kind of websites he usually visits, and even, his whereabouts when he comes home late too often. OK, we get it, just too many reasons that push you here, seeking for a way to know and protect yourself from hurtfulness. Whatever your reasons, we got you covered, my friend. Let us get onto how to clear your suspicions, shall we?

You can find out if your partner is cheating on you by using this particular software on his phone, and the best part of all, this software, or rather, a mobile application is included on most cell phones at no extra cost. Yes, you read that right, all you need is access to his cell phone. We have put together the two apps which serve the same purpose on the two commonly used mobile operating systems, iOs and Android. Read on!

Track Your Partner’s Phone without Him Knowing

If you are familiar with mobile apps, you have probably heard of “Find My Friends”. This app is designed to allow the user to share his location data with friends and family. This function is going to enable you to keep track of each other when both parties are far apart, like traveling alone or visiting crowded areas. 

This application is voted as one of the most useful apps for parents because they need to track down their children for safety purposes. You can pinpoint the exact GPS location as long as the location data is being shared. It may sound invasive, but argumentatively, this has become a necessity because of the dangerous world the children are in today.

In your case, you can set it up for ease of mind. This app is unexpectedly easy for one to set up this application to let you know where your partner’s phone is 24/7. Let us run you through the detailed instructions so you can check on his location without him noticing

You must be extremely clear on what you are doing so you can use this application to track your significant other’s phone at any time, any place. In this way, you can see if your partner is where he says he is, or he is not being truthful with his whereabouts.

Track His iPhone Location

One of the simplest ways to track an iPhone without any installation of software is utilizing the Find My Friends app that Apple includes in each and every new iOS device. You need to bear in mind that the one trick is you will need is that it is necessary to gain access to your partner’s phone for a couple of minutes.  However, once the Find My Friends app is all set up, rest assure that the app itself will be absolutely discreet and he will not be able to find out.

Be sure to complete the following steps for a fully enabled tracking:

Step 1

Turn on “Share My Location” from the settings of your own iPhone. 

You can easily enable this in the Find My Friends app. Just scroll to the bottom of the screen and the settings will be displayed before you.

Step 2

Now, you will have to share your partner’s location with your iPhone. From the top corner of the “Find My Friends” app on his phone, click “Add”. 

Then, proceed to look up for your contact information. Click “Send” when you have found yourself. You will receive a notification on your phone right after that.

Step 3

Go over to your home screen to accept the invitation on your end. 

You will now have the push notification from the system to accept the invitation on your phone. Select “Accept”.  

Next up, you will be automatically prompted to share your very own location with the target phone. Remember to click “Don’t Share”, unless you do your phone location to be exposed as well.

Step 4

You are almost there! Open “Find My Friends” on your phone to check on his current location. If it has indicated the location correctly, ie. the spot that you are at, voilà! Now you can depend on this app to track his real-time whereabouts at any time of the day.

Fret not, most people will not be aware of how “Find My Friends” is built into their phone, so naturally they are bothered enough to check it. However, if you intend to be 100% certain they remain unaware, you can choose to hide the app on the phone and it stays enabled unnoticed.

Otherwise, a much surefire way to do it is to use mSpy which allows you to spy on the location without your partner knowing.

Track Your Partner’s Android Phone Without Him Noticing

Fortunately, this Find My Friends app has come up with a version that is compatible with Android phones, and even for other operating systems like Blackberry. The steps are rather similar to iOs. All you need is to access his phone and allow location sharing to your own. 

The chance of being discovered on Android is slightly higher as compared to iOs as the newer versions of Android might alert the phone user that the location data is being enabled and this action is draining the battery in the background. 

It might advise the user to disable the action or review the app and manually shut it down. You can simply switch it on again when you notice it is being disabled, but you only have a few tries before he gets suspicious and uninstall it.

Additionally, it might surprise you that it is possible to track non-smart phones by sending a text to his phone and secretly accepting it. There are certain tricks to this, though. Unlike the notification, which will be immediately swiped away upon the action selected (ie. accept the invitation), you need to make sure you have deleted the texts which are easily traceable in a non-smart phone.

Are you looking for more than just tracking his location? Have a look at one of our favorite cell phone monitoring app, mSpy. This is one amazing tool that will allow you to monitor most of the movements in the phone, including calls, text messages, and all social communication platforms like Tinder and Facebook. 

Final Summary

At the end of this article, we are here to give a rough summary of the ways that you can verify if someone is being disloyal to you, and it can be done effortlessly through the utilization of some apps.

Find Out If He is Really Cheating Using a Free App

We understand that no one enjoys snooping, but sometimes you just have to protect yourself.  Once you have successfully enabled Find My Friends app, you can conveniently open the app on your phone and view his current GPS location. This is one of the few ways where you can find out if he is cheating on you. Where ever it goes from there, whether to have a confrontation with him or not, it is completely up to you.

Learn More From Who He is Frequently Texting

What if location data is insufficient for you? Be sure to check out some of the tracking apps we have reviewed. There are many tracking apps (like MobiStealth) in the market today and some of the tracking apps come in a hefty price tag. 

However, it is still considered an affordable option that offers decent capabilities as compared to hiring a private investigator. If you are not planning to splurge on engaging a private investigator, we strongly recommend you to use one of the many alternatives you can obtain at a lower cost.

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